World’s worst rental as tiny home made from shipping container is rented out for £200 a WEEK in landlord’s back garden

A HOME made from an old shipping container that was being rented out for £200 has been dubbed "a joke" by exasperated renters.  

The one-bedroom property in New Zealand’s capital Wellington has come on to the market amid rocketing rents in the city. 

The container is located in another property’s back garden with the parking space on a piece of lawn. 

Meanwhile, the laundry can be found in a green garden shed placed beside it.

It has been marketed on Trade Me ad as a one-bedroom home which is suitable for one person with close access to a shopping mall.

It has windows and has been lined with wood panels and comes fully furnished and includes a microwave, electric hot plate, bed, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge freezer and cutlery and plates.

But the ad has caught the attention of a local Facebook page with one user describing it "a joke".


One said:  "I thought this was a joke post but it's very real. I'd (stet) be surprised if that's legal."

Another said: "This is an extreme case but it exemplifies the state of the NZ housing market.

"It would have been an actual joke 20 years ago, now it's totally comprehensible even if it’s ridiculed."

The Trade Me advertiser has been contacted and they confirmed the property was for rent but declined to comment further.

While the rental price of the New Zeland container has sparked fury, one man from Cheltenham, UK, says he saves £700 a month by living in one. 

Jay Adler, 30, moved into a 20ft – 8ft shipping container, on a decommissioned farm just outside of town, and spent £3,000 transforming it into a cosy home. 

He fitted the container with a kitchen, insulation, a bed and TV, and he even added a 6ft x 4ft shed where he put his bathroom. 

Now Jay’s living expenses have been slashed from £1,025 to just £325 a month, saving him hundreds. 

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