Woman groomed by England ice hockey star at age 13 shares horrifying ordeal at hands of paedophile who ‘ruined her life’ – The Sun

A WOMAN who was groomed by an England ice hockey star at the age of 13 has spoken about her ordeal at the hands of her abuser.

Charlotte Flanigan was 13 when she first met Great Britain under-20s star Tom Squires who was on duty at an ice rink as a first-aider in his spare time.

The hockey star, who was 19 years old at the time, became friends with Miss Flanigan after her friend fell over while skating, breaking her arm.

He then encouraged her to share intimate pictures of herself with him and when she turned 16, Squires had sex with her at his home.

After that, he dropped his victim off at a tram stop and told her he did not want a relationship, Charlotte said.


Squires – who groomed four other girls after meeting victims while coaching juniors – was jailed in 2017 for five years, four months after admitting one count of sexual activity with a child and four of inciting sexual activity with children.

The pervert, however, is eligible for a Parole Board hearing later this year, the Daily Mail reports.

Charlotte, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, said the grooming – which took place in 2010 – affected her a lot and she now finds it hard to trust other people.

She told of her ordeal: "It gets to me that someone manipulated me that much.

"I'm always second guessing and searching for the negatives in things and people."

The woman said she battled anxiety for four years and went through two years of counselling, but she now is "a stronger, wiser person".

Charlotte has decided to waive her right to anonymity to raise awareness of predatory adults and reassure victims that they can get over it – just as she has done.

She said: "I know there are a lot of other girls out there who are in my situation. It has ruined my life but I don’t want to sit back and be quiet about it."

Charlotte explained she was excited when she met Squires, as he was older and interested in her.

She said she once went to see him at the ice rink and he asked her to pretend she had fallen so he could take her to the first aid room.

When they arrived in the room, he kissed her and, after that, the grooming started becoming more intense – from inappropriate texts to asking her to send him intimate pictures.

Squires told her when she was 14: "Nothing could happen between us until you’re 16."

Charlotte said when she turned 16, Squires turned up near her street, took her to her house and then they had sex.

After that, he dropped her off at a tram stop and then drove off.

He then sent her a text saying he had been seeing a girl and off and didn't want her to find out.

The woman said she kept seeing her abuser after she also got a job at the ice rink.

Charlotte said she did not think he had done something wrong until police contacted her after other girls came forward to complain.

She said: "I realised how naive I’d been. I blamed myself for so long, but after a while it clicked that it wasn’t my fault."

The woman said she hopes Squires has changed after jail, but she will never be able to forgive him.

At the time of his sentencing in 2017, Det Sgt Aneela Khalil-Khan, said: "Squires was relatively well-known locally as an ice hockey player, as well as coaching the sport.

"He took advantage of this position of power to

groom and sexually exploit his victims.

"He used his position as ice hockey coach to approach young girls, some of whom recognised him as a local hockey 'star', and began the grooming process."

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