Woman found dead at neighbor’s home after husband says he was kidnapped

A Florida woman whose husband claimed he was kidnapped was found dead in a neighbor’s home, according to reports.

Amber Gaddis, 30, was discovered dead early Saturday when a trail of blood led officers to the neighbor’s Jacksonville home, news station WLTV reported.

Her husband, Daniel Gaddis, had called authorities to his home, claiming he was kidnapped and his wife vanished while he was gone, according to the report.

He told police that he had been lured away from his home and robbed by three men in a dark-colored vehicle, news station WJXT reported and WLTV reported. He was then dropped off in the area where he lived.

“When I came back all I noticed was my flat screen TV was in the road. I came back to the house and I couldn’t find my wife,” Daniel told WLTV.

He said he believes that the same group of men went to his home and attacked his wife, the outlet reported.

“She opened the door because it was someone she knew, and then they tried to rob her and I wasn’t there,” Daniel said.

“It was like a setup. They planned it out, came to the house. Their intention was to rob us.”

The sheriff’s office hasn’t released identified the suspects, but her case is being investigated as a homicide, the outlets reported.

“I’m waiting on justice to happen,” her husband said, according to WLTV.

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