With NHS at breaking point the public is rightly in no mood to tolerate anyone who plays with nation’s health

BRITS are fed up to the back teeth with Covidiots bending the rules.

As our poll finds today, most want cops to crack down much harder on reckless imbeciles who put lives at risk.

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Just 12 per cent said the authorities had been too harsh, while 52 per cent said the police had not been tough enough in enforcing restrictions.

With the NHS at breaking point, the public is rightly in no mood to tolerate anyone who plays fast and loose with the nation’s health.

The supermarket giants must also play their part to the hilt.

It’s good to see some are already enforcing mask-wearing and also recruiting extra security guards.

There is evidence that a number of stores are becoming super-spreaders of Covid because they are turning a blind eye to shoppers who ignore social distancing.

It is hardly surprising that Cabinet ministers now want to limit shoppers to one adult per household to stop groups mingling in the aisles.

While we don’t need more curbs on our freedoms, Boris Johnson must not flinch from ensuring existing rules are rigorously followed.

The PM has handled the crisis much better than EU or American leaders.

For the first time more Brits have now been vaccinated than have caught Covid.

That’s another solid victory for Boris in this epic battle.

Great gall of China

WHILE the rest of the world struggles in the wake of the virus, it is galling to learn that China’s economy will expand by seven per cent this year.

It comes as the deceitful Covid cover-up by Communist Party bosses has been ­further exposed by new US intelligence.

The Americans now say researchers at a virus lab in Wuhan had Covid-like ­symptoms months before the virus was officially reported.

Meanwhile the dithering World Health Organisation team may not even visit the lab.

China’s instinct has always been to save face by lying and brutally silencing whistle-blowers.

We need an international coalition to bring them to account over Covid.

Because we know WHO won’t.

Snowplough on

IT is fair to say that 2021 has not got off to a flying start.

Gloomy Covid news, strict rules and now mountains of snow.

But don’t worry . . . it will be all white in the end.

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