Who is Omar Jimenez, the CNN reporter who was arrested on air during Minneapolis riots? – The Sun

CNN reporter Omar Jimenez was arrested early Friday morning while covering the Minneapolis riots and the George Floyd shooting.

He was handcuffed and led away while reporting live for the cable news network at about 5 am.

Who is Omar Jimenez?

The 26-year-old Jimenez is a correspondent based in Chicago, according to his CNN bio.

He started with CNN three years ago for the network's affiliate service, CNN Newsource, and covered the aftermath of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire in Paris and the Las Vegas shooting.

Jimenez previously covered the trials of the officers accused in the death of Freddie Gray while working for WBAL in Baltimore.

Why was the CNN reporter arrested?

Jimenez and colleagues Bill Kirkos and Leonel Mendez were arrested while Jimenez was on the air in Minneapolis.

It's not totally clear why they were taken into custody by the Minnesota State Patrol, but they were released within an hour.

“This is a very public apology to that team,” Gov Tim Walz said during a press conference.

The state patrol said the journalists “were released once they were confirmed to be members of the media.”

Jimenez was arrested even though he had told officers to “put us back where you want us. We are getting out of your way.”

He was holding what appeared to be a laminated ID card before he was handcuffed, and the crew members told police that they were from CNN.

“I've never seen anything like this,” said CNN New Day co-anchor John Berman.

Jimenez said he had been showing his credentials to authorities while covering the story all week.

“You don't have to doubt my story,” he said.

“It's not filtered in any way. You saw it for your own eyes.

"That gave me a little bit of comfort. But it was definitely nerve-wracking.”

The National Association of Black Journalists condemned the arrest.

“We are relieved to see Omar has been released, but we are still disturbed by the apparent violation of First Amendment rights that are the bedrock of journalism,” the organization tweeted Friday.

Why are there riots in Minneapolis?

Protesters took to the streets not long after George Floyd died in police custody on Monday.

Anger from city residents boiled over after video circulated of Officer Derek Chauvin keeping his knee on Floyd's neck.

Walz begged for calm and called the violence “an extremely dangerous situation," but many businesses were torched and a police precinct was destroyed by looters.

As a result President Trump has warned that "when the looting starts, the shooting starts."

Many people are turning to Martin Luther King Jr for guidance.

What happened to George Floyd?

Floyd died while being arrested for allegedly trying to use forged documents at a deli in Minneapolis.

He pleaded for help and complained that he could not breathe as Chauvin held him down with his knee.

Chauvin was arrested in connection with Floyd's death on Friday, and a total of four police officers were fired.

It was revealed that Floyd did not have a pulse when he was treated in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

The crew was "told by several people that the police 'had killed the man,'" according to a fire department report.


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