Who is MC Kevin's wife Deolane Bezerra?

THE death of Brazilian singer MC Kevin has rocked the music industry after he tragically fell to his death from a hotel balcony, just two weeks after he got married.

Loved ones said an emotional goodbye to the late star at a funeral service held on Tuesday before he was buried in Sao Paulo.

Who is MC Kevin's wife Deolane Bezerra?

Deolane Bezerra, 33, is the wife of "funk paulista" artist Kevin Nascimento Bueno, 23, who went by the stage name MC Kevin.

Deolane is a well-known specialist criminal lawyer in Rio de Janeiro and has a substantial social media following, including over 3 million Instagram followers.

She had only wed MC Kevin just weeks before his tragic death on April 29, in an intimate ceremony in Tulum, Mexico.

In a heartfelt post, she paid tribute to her late husband: "And on that day you spoke in my ear 'life is now until death separates us'… and I am sure that just for us to separate, we were not even there for anything or anyone, being happy was our goal.

"How we laughed at the criticism… how do we live everything so fast? We rushed everything, we had to hurry to be happy, his destiny was placed.

"It is not fair you will leave like this! It is not! It is not! My love," she wrote.

The couple were seen together on the night before his death at a private event MC Kevin had performed in Rio de Janeiro.

They allegedly argued on Sunday afternoon when she questioned Kevin's decision to extend his hotel stay.

What happened to MC Kevin?

Brazilian artist MC Kevin died after falling from a fifth-floor hotel room at a beachside resort in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 16.

He plunged to his death after he allegedly attempted to hide from his wife Deolane so she would not catch him having sex with a model.

According to a local media outlet, the 23-year-old was attempting to jump into the swimming pool but misjudged the distance and hit the ground beside the water.

Today, testimony revealed that model Bianca Domingues, 26, met the 23-year-old Brazilian singer and his pal Victor Fontenelle for a sex and alcohol-fuelled evening the night he died.

The information, obtained by DailMail.com, claims Fontenelle asked Domingues if she would have paid sex with Kevin but that it would have to be a secret from his wife, Deolane Bezerra.

Domingues decided that she would charge them $1,000 Brazilian reais each, and had intercourse with Fontanelle first.

Kevin's friend Jhonatas da Cruz, 26, who was also staying at the hotel, told cops that he went to the room to give Fontanelle a condom and also expressed an interest in also sleeping with Domingues.

After he was rejected, da Cruz told police that he went to the bathroom, slammed the door shut and hid behind a curtain.

Kevin kicked da Cruz out of the room, who then went down to the kiosk area and was told by Kevin's security guard that his wife Bezerra, who was also staying at the hotel, was looking for Kevin.

Fontanelle was also sent a WhatsApp message by the security guard and told Kevin that they had to leave the room so that he didn't get found out by his wife. They decided to continue having sex.

After the session was over, Fontanelle told cops that he went to clean himself up and then spotted Kevin dangling from the balcony as he held onto the rail in an attempt to lower himself onto a hotel suite on the fourth floor. It was then that he fell to his death.

Domingues screamed for someone to call for an ambulance while Fontanelle ran to the poolside to check on Kevin, before the 26-year-old was ordered to return to her hotel by Kevin's security.

An investigation into his death remains ongoing.

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