Who is Denver shooting suspect Matthew Dolloff?

MATTHEW Dollofis the alleged killer of military veteran Lee Keltner.

Dollof was reportedly hired to work as a for TV station 9NEWS in Denver ahead of the “Patriot Muster" rally on Saturday, October 10 – but it has recently been revealed he was not licensed to do so.

Who is Matthew Dollof?

Mathew Dollof is the main suspect in the killing of Lee Keltner at the “Patriot Muster" rally on Saturday, October 10 in Denver.

There is speculation he is an "extreme left-wing activist," but The Denver Police Department said on Saturday that an investigation determined he had "no affiliation" with the leftist political movement.

Dollof, 30, was hired as an armed guard for TV station 9NEWS at the time of the shooting.

The station had reportedly hired him through Pinkerton to protect their staff at the protest, a practice they said they've been doing "for a number of months".

However, the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses have confirmed there was "no record for an active licensed security guard now or ever" for Dolloff, CBS 4 reported. 

Although it's not yet clear exactly what Denver does professionally, Facebook pages appear to show him selling farm goods in the Denver area.

Pictures also appear to show him with dogs and sheep.


How many people died?

The only person who was shot, and died was military veteran Lee Keltner.

Dramatic pictures show the moment Dolloff allegedly shot dead Mr Keltner as violence erupted at the rally.

Keltner ispictured appearing to mace the security guard, who then pulled out his handgun and shot him dead.

Keltner was reportedly shot at point-blank range and was taken to the hospital, where he died an hour later, Denver Police Investigations Division Chief Joe Montoya said.

Detectives determined that a "verbal altercation" happened near the Denver Art Museum – where the rally took place – just before the shooting, Montoya added.

Where did the shooting take place?

The shooting happened at the Denver Art Museum.

Footage shows two men appearing to have an argument before gun shots ring out.

A man can be seen confronting a group of what appears to be protesters, when a man in a baseball hat steps in between them and puts his arms out to separate them, the man says: "Don't f***ing touch me. Touch me one more time; you're gonna get it."

Then speaking to another man, he says: "F***ing mace me. Walk up to me and f***ing mace me. Mace me motherf***er."

The man in the baseball cap steps in between them once again as the man continues to yell but is told "don't f***ing touch me, man."

As the man continues to yell at the group what sounds like a gunshot is heard.

What protests were being held?

The shooting happened at a Patriot Muster" rally on Saturday, October 10 in Denver.

But Carol Keltner – who said she is the victim's mother – said her son was "murdered" because he "supported the police".

The victim appeared to be wearing a t-shirt that said "black guns matter".

She wrote: "He was murdered because he backed the police. His 24 year old son was with him.

"I moved to Arkansas because Colorado got too expensive and liberal. The left has gotten out of hand".

Cops have not yet confirmed if the victim was affiliated with Patriot Muster, which is allegedly part of an organization called the United American Defense Force who appear to be in support of firearms and the police.

Westworld reports the rally was organised in response to a Black Lives Matter event which was being hosted at the same time, but this is not confirmed.

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