When does Spring Break end?

COLLEGE kids across the country are flocking south to celebrate Spring Break 2021.

Chaos has broken out, however, with the pandemic still in full effect.

When is Spring Break in 2021?

In the United States, most colleges and universities Spring Break 2021 will occur this year between March 9th to April 21st.

The two peak weeks will be the week of March 7th and March 14th.

The date for every school varies depending on its academic calendar.

Where is Spring Break being celebrated in 2021?

Spring break is being celebrated in Miami, Florida.

Experts believe this year's spring break could create a “perfect storm” which allows the coronavirus to continue to spread.

Young people without masks have been spotting packing together on Florida’s beaches and in bars – despite the new B.1.1.7 strain, which originated in the UK, sweeping across the sunshine state.

The spring break chaos comes at a particularly contentious time during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, as Dr Anthony Fauci has warned Americans against "declaring a Covid victory prematurely."

The infectious diseases expert, 80, made the claim in an interview with MSNBC’s Christ Hayes.

In recent weeks Covid cases across the US have been flattening out at around 55,000 per day, prompting some to speculate the pandemic is nearly over as the vaccine rollout continues and warmer weather is on the way.

But Dr Fauci warned there could still be another spike in cases.

“Instead of continuing to go down at a sharp line it's plateaued. Once it's done that, there's a high risk of another resurgence. We've seen that with previous surges. The other three [surges] that we've had in this country,” the leading doctor said. 

“Don't declare victory prematurely. We still have a ways to go, plateauing at 50,000 cases a day is not a good place to be. And that's where we are. We've got to keep pushing to get it down even further.”

What is the Miami Spring Break curfew?

Miami spring breakers were under an 8pm curfew and in a state of emergency on March 20 as a SWAT team was called to the city because of the revelers.

The curfew runs from 8pm until 6am and is effective immediately.

It’s unclear how long the curfew will remain in effect, but Miami City Manager Raul Aguila told the Herald that he recommends keeping the rules in place through at least April 12.

Partiers in the Florida city had become so uncontrollable that the curfew was put in place and SWAT teams were sent out to enforce it.

A SWAT vehicle was filmed moving down Ocean Drive – a popular party street – telling people that they need to disperse.

Cops eventually began firing pepper balls – projectiles filled with pepper spray – into the crowds, according to reports.

Revelers began fleeing the scene in a chaotic fashion afterwards. It's unclear at this time if anyone was injured.

Commenting on the decision to declare a state of emergency, Aguila said, "As we hit the peak of the peak of spring break, we are quite simply overwhelmed."

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