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THE UK's new Nightingale hospitals have been opened across the country to help our regular hospitals deal with rising coronavirus patients.

Following the successful opening of Nightingale London at the ExCel centre, other temporary facilities have been built.

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When will the new Nightingale hospitals around the country be open?

Following the success of the London Nightingale hospital, the idea has been expanded to the rest of the UK.

Many of these facilities are up and running already, transforming convention centres into life-saving health facilities that will be run by NHS medics and military staff.

Tesco is planning to add pop-up shops in the facilities to help feed staff and patients.

Harrogate, Yorkshire and the Humber

Captain Tom Moore will be the guest of honour when he opens the Nightingale Hospital in Harrogate, Yorkshire next week.

The facility will have 500 beds and is situated in the Harrogate Convention Centre.

Manchester (North West)

The 1000 bed hospital set up at the Manchester Central Convention Complex has been up and running since April 13.


A Nightingale hospital opened in Birmingham at the NEC on April 16 with 500 beds, but it can be expanded to 1,500 if needed.


Bristol will see the University of the West of England turned into a 300-1000 bed hospital. Spare student accommodation will house doctors and nurses.

North East, Washington, Tyne and Wear

The Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing, Washington, will host 460 beds and should be up and running in the next two weeks.


There will be a 200 bed facility built at Westpoint Arena, Exeter. It will open in early May.

When did the NHS Nightingale hospital in London open?

Prince Charles opened the NHS Nightingale Hospital in London via video link on Friday, April 3.

The temporary hospital has 4,000 beds available for the public, and is set to alleviate the strain on hospitals across the country.

The hospital took just nine days to be fitted out and ready to accept patients at the London ExCeL Centre and consists of two wards.

Prince Charles, appearing via videolink at the opening from his Scottish home of Birkhall, said his thoughts and prayers would be with the patients who needed treatment for the deadly bug.

"It is without doubt a spectacular and almost unbelievable feat of work in every sense – from its speed of construction as we’ve heard to its size and the skills of those who have created it," he said.

"An example, if ever one was needed of how the impossible can be made possible and how we can achieve the unthinkable through human will and ingenuity."

In the stirring speech, he added: "In this dark time, this place will be a shining light."

The hospital is only open to members of the public who have contracted coronavirus.

Health secretary Matt Hancock revealed the plans to open the hospital in the government's daily press conference on March 23.

The military is supporting the NHS in the running of the hospital.

A team of military planners visited the London ExCeL to see how it could utilise space in the centre.

The military will be brought in to support the NHS in the running of the hospitalThe new hospital is expected to have a horrifying death rate of one in five patients with only younger and fitter patients who need critical treatment being brought to the Nightingale.

Leaked documents show the Nightingale is expecting "approximately 16-20 per cent of patients who arrive at Nightingale might not survive".

Patients who are treated at the Nightingale will have been assessed at other hospitals and deemed to be in less immediate risk than those in intensive care units.

More frail people or those with more complex conditions will be cared for in established NHS hospitals.

The new hospital will need a massive workforce of up to 16,000 staff in clinical and ancillary roles to keep it running.

Hundreds of volunteers from the St John Ambulance charity with various levels of clinical training will help at the facility – with around 100 to work every shift.

The London ExCel centre is known for hosting industry events usually, but in light of current affairs, any upcoming events are postponed.

Matt Hancock also launched a scheme for NHS volunteers, on March 24.

This scheme will see 11,788 former health staff return from retirement to help out during the crisis, these will include both doctors and nurses.

In addition to this- 5,500 final year medical students and 1,800 final year student nurses will ending their studies and going into work early.

Hancock hopes this move, along with the opening of the Nightingale hospital will help Britain be more ready and equipped to handle the coronavirus crisis in the coming weeks.

Where else are new Nightingale hospitals opening?

NHS England has announced two more Nightingale hospitals will be opened in Bristol and Harrogate.

The two new sites will be at the University of the West of England and the Harrogate Convention Centre.

The Bristol hospital will have capacity for around 1,000 patients and Harrogate will be able to look after up to 500.

Other hospitals are due to be opened at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre and Manchester's Central Complex.

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