What is lockdown phase two and when will it start? – The Sun

IN his first public appearance since fighting coronavirus, Boris Johnson announced that Britain would be entering the second phase of the pandemic. 

The PM said on April 27 that more details on changing UK lockdown rules will be revealed in the "coming days" – even though the official review isn't due until May 7.

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What is phase two of lockdown?

Phase two of the lockdown is the next stage in new measures brought in by the government.

The initial phase of the lockdown was strict measures imposed on the UK to deal with the sharp rise in new coronavirus cases.

Although no specific details of the second phase have been shared, they will most likely contain new lockdown measures.

Yesterday the Prime Minister said the phase will "continue to suppress the disease… but begin gradually to refine the economic and social restrictions".

Will lockdown restrictions be eased in phase two?

After the PM's speech at Downing Street, a No.10 spokesperson said that phase two could see some measures eased and others tightened.

They said: "There could be easing in some areas. There could also be a toughening in other areas.

When could phase two start?

In a rallying cry from outside No.10, the PM warned the nation he would "refuse" to risk a second wave of cases by lifting restrictions too soon.

He said Britain was coming to the end of the first stage and would soon look to the second for how to live with the virus.

Once the NHS is sufficiently protected, case numbers fall, and PPE is secured, "then that will be the time to move on to the second phase".

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