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MATT Hancock delivered an impassioned speech about NHS staff and social care workers who have lost their lives to coronavirus.

The Health Secretary paid tribute to the "hero" workers at today's press briefing, as he outlined how the government would tackle the spread of coronavirus.

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What was said during the coronavirus press briefing today?

Mr Hancock began the conference by remembering NHS staff and health care workers who have passed away from coronavirus.

In his speech, he said: "These are the nation's fallen heroes and we will remember them."

The Health Secretary then revealed the government would be publishing the number of deaths in care homes on April 29.

He also insisted there would be no ease on social distancing rules, with him saying: "we will not be changing our social distancing rules until our five tests have been met".

Asked when schools will reopen, he admitted he was unable to provide a date.

When questioned on PPE for frontline heroes, the MP explained the government was working hard to get the personal protective equipment to health care workers.

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What time was the coronavirus press briefing today?

The coronavirus press briefing on April 28 began at 5pm and saw Matt Hancock address the nation.

As per usual, the conference was held at Downing Street, where it has taken place since its inception.

These conferences have been taking place daily since March 16.

Who spoke at the press briefing today?

Mr Hancock chaired the conference for the second day in a row, despite prime minister, Boris Johnson making his first public speech on April 27.

The Secretary of State for Health was accompanied by Professor Angela McLean, the Chief Scientific Adviser to the Ministry of Defence.

Professor John Newton was also on hand to answer questions from the public and journalists.

How can I watch it?

The BBC broadcast the press conference live each day from Downing Street.

However, the conference can also be watched on the Government's official YouTube account.

In addition, our live coronavirus blog provides updates and reports of what is said during the briefing.

What was said at Monday's briefing?

Matt Hancock chaired the briefing on Monday, April 27.

In the conference, he insisted lockdown measures are still needed to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

He also announced the NHS insurance scheme, which is a £60k payment which will be made to the families of NHS staff who die on the frontline.

So far, 82 NHS workers along with 16 social care workers have died as a result of coronavirus.

Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Adviser co-chaired the briefing and said there was still no plausible antibody test available.

He elaborated that there was no antibody test good enough to tell an individual, whether they have had it or not.

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