West Ham fans are most flatulent in the Premier League, survey says

We’re forever blowing…. West Ham fans are the most flatulent in the Premier League with Newcastle, Brentford and Man United also full of hot air, survey reveals

  • High-flying West Ham’s fans let off 12 toots a match – double the league average
  • Newly-minted Newcastle followed behind in second with 11 farts during games
  • Brentford and struggling Manchester United round out the blowing off top four

West Ham United fans are flying high in the Premier League but they are topping another league table – by doing the most farts at games.

A survey done by 101greatgoals shows that Hammers fnas are doing up to 12 farts per match.

More than 90% of the Premier League fans surveyed admitted to letting one rip during their matches.

The traditional matchday diet of beer and pies will not help the fans flatulence.

Hammers fans topped the tooting table, averaging 12 admitted farts a match when at matches (file photo)

Spokesman for 101greatgoals, Ben Davies, told the Daily Star: ‘We all know football fans like to let off steam at the match, but these findings caught us by surprise.

‘Fortunately, football is an outdoors game otherwise fans would be causing a bit of stink.  

Hammers fans average of 12 admitted toots per 90 minutes.

The average for the entire Premier League was only 6 farts per match – half the flatulence of the West Ham’s total.

The second place fanbase were those of newly-minted Newcastle United who were close behind on 11 farts a match.

Fans of newly-minted Newcastle followed close behind the Hammers with an eye-watering 11 farts a match

Burnley rounded off the top three of the flatuent with nine pop-offs per Premier League game

Burnley followed behind on 9 trumps per match while Manchester United’s poor form under now-departed boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was much better in this league.

The Red Devils fans were in tied-fourth place with Wolverhampton Wanderers in letting eight farts a game out.

There was a three-way tie for fifth place with Arsenal, Crystal Palace and Watford all  on seven.

Brentford came sixth on six farts per match, edging Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Leeds United, Liverpool, Everton and Norwich City fans all admitting to five blow offs a match.

Leicester City and Southampton drew for eighth on four farts a game, ahead of Aston Villa fans on three.

Table-topping Chelsea and Brighton and Hove Albion fans rounded over the table with just two farts a match.

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