Was Christian Eriksen vaccinated before collapsing at Euro 2020?

THE collapse of midfielder Christian Eriksen raised many questions and concerns about underlying conditions that the player might have had that led to his complete fall down on the field.

Eriksen, 29, collapsed in the 42nd minute of the match in Denmark’s Euro 2020 against Finland on Saturday.

Medics rushed to the field to give Eriksen 13 minutes of intense medical treatment – including CPR and defibrillator shocks on the pitch before he woke up and was transferred to the hospital.

It was confirmed that Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest but he is now stable.

Did Christian Eriksen have Covid-19 at the time he was playing?

Inter Milan director Giuseppe Marotta said that Eriksen didn’t contract Covid-19.

The Italian club’s doctor also confirmed that Eriksen showed no previous signs of a health issue, Reuters reported.

However, the playmaker’s cardiologist at former club Tottenham Hotspur, Sanjay Sharma told the Daily Mail on Sunday that some players may have sub-clinical Covid-19 infections that could lead to “scarring” of the heart.

But Marotta disregarded that suggestion saying that Eriksen “didn't have Covid and wasn't vaccinated either," he told Rai Sport, according to Reuters.

“In the next few days, he [Eriksen] will undergo thorough examinations. The most important thing is that he is well," Inter team doctor Piero Volpi told Gazzetta dello Sport.

Did Eriksen have any underlying conditions? 

Doctors and medical experts including Volpi said that Eriksen didn’t have any underlying conditions that have led to his collapse on Saturday.

“ There has never been an episode that even remotely hinted at a problem, neither when he was at Tottenham nor at Inter,” Volpi said. “In Italy the checks are very rigorous.” 

Sharma also said Eriksen didn’t have any former heart issues during his time with the Premier League.

"From the day we signed him, it was my job to screen him and we tested him every year. So certainly his tests up to 2019 were completely normal, with no obvious underlying cardiac fault. I can vouch for that because I did the tests," Sharma told the Daily Mail.

What did Christian Eriksen say after his Cardiac Arrest?

Denmark ace Christian Eriksen has spoken for the first time on Monday since his cardiac arrest.

The 29-year-old said he feels better but wants to 'understand what happened'.

He sent a brief message to the public in quotes reported by Italian outlet Gazzetta dello Sport.

Eriksen said: "Thank you all, I won't give up. I feel better now but I want to understand what happened.”

"I want to say thank you for all you did for me."

Eriksen's friend and agent Martin Schoots also added: "We spoke this morning [Sunday].

"He joked, he was in a good mood, I found him fine. We all want to understand what happened to him, he wants to do it too: the doctors are carrying out in-depth examinations, it will take time.”

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