Two crew members survive plane crash after aircraft loses wing in midair

TWO people have miraculously escaped serious injury after their plane crash landed in a field this afternoon.

One wing of the little aircraft was lost during the crash, which happened in Cranfield, Bedfordshire.

But despite that, the pilot landed the plane safely.

And both people onboard walked away from the wreckage.

Cops and firefighters were called to a field near Cranfield Airport at around 3.30pm after air traffic controllers raised the alarm.

Fire crews from across the county rushed to the scene.

But by the time the first of the emergency responders had arrived, both of those in the crash had managed to get themselves out of the wreckage

Bedfordshire Fire Control said no serious injuries were reported.

A spokesperson said: "All persons were accounted for."

The cause of the crash isn't yet known.

However, images show the plane was badly damaged during the incident.

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