Trump says ‘governors have gone too far’ with coronavirus restrictions

President Trump on Sunday responded to questions about protests against coronavirus restrictions by saying he believes some governors have gone too far with the measures.

“You are allowed to protest,” the president said during a White House briefing on the pandemic.

“Some have gone too far, some governors have gone too far. Some of the things that happened are maybe not so appropriate,” Trump continued.

“And I think in the end it’s not going to matter because we’re starting to open up our states, and I think they’re going to open up very well.”

“As far as protesters, you know, I see protesters for all sorts of things,” he added. “And I’m with everybody. I’m with everybody.”

The comments echoed statements Trump made at Saturday’s briefing, where he spoke out in support of the protests, many of which flout the social distancing guidelines the White House put in place to curb the outbreak.

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