Trump ‘may look into’ case of ousted Navy captain Brett Crozier

President Trump “may look into” the controversy over a Naval captain being dismissed for sounding the alarm about a coronavirus outbreak on his ship, and then being ridiculed by acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly in an address to the ship’s crew.

“I may look into it only from the standpoint that something should be resolved because I’m hearing good things about both people,” Trump told reporters during the White House coronavirus briefing Monday.

The commander-in-chief was asked about acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly, who apologized for attacking Capt. Brett Crozier as “naive” and “stupid” for his actions.

“I haven’t heard it exactly… This is a military operation. I must tell you, I’ve heard very good things about the gentlemen. Both gentlemen, by the way, I will say this, about both gentlemen.”

On Monday, Modly trashed Crozier to his former crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt over an email the captain sent raising alarms about an outbreak of the deadly virus aboard the ship. The email was eventually leaked to the press.

“If he didn’t think, in my opinion, that this information wasn’t going to get out into the public, in this day and information age that we live in, then he was either A, too naive or too stupid to be a commanding officer of a ship like this,” Modly told the crew of Crozier’s actions.

“The alternate is that he did it on purpose,” he added.

“The letters shouldn’t have been sent, and certainly they shouldn’t have been leaked,” Trump said of Crozier’s part in the debacle, adding that the move made families of those aboard the ship “nervous” and “shows weakness.”

“I’m good, believe it or not, at settling arguments. I’m good at settling these arguments. So, I may look at it in great detail, in detail, and I’ll be able to figure it out very fast,” he continued.

Since Crozier raised awareness about the outbreak on the ship, 173 sailors aboard have tested positive for the virus.

Crozier, himself, has also tested positive.

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