Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis ‘bombarded with rape threats’ for challenging ‘fraudulent’ election results

DONALD Trump's legal adviser Jenna Ellis has been "bombarded with rape threats" for challenging the "fraudulent" election results.

The senior legal adviser to the Trump campaign admitted she had received both public and private threats to her life and career.

Speaking to Breitbart News, Ms. Ellis said she had received hundreds of DMs on Twitter bombarding her with hateful messages.

"A CNN reported messaged me today accusing me of my bar license being lapsed," she told the media outlet.

" [An] Unknown number has called my cell dozens of times between midnight and 4am to blow up my phone and try to get through the DND [do not disturb].

Ms Ellis scared a screen grab of text messages from an unknown person in an attempt to provoke her.

The end of the message read: "You're a f***king c**t.

"You're the reason people despise humanity. You deserve to be raped."

Speaking opening on Twitter, Ms Ellis called out the people who sent her the threatening messages.

"I keep getting a barrage of threats & false accusations from Dems and "reporter" activists," the Tweet reads.

"My only comment to this: Do your worst: I'm not intimidated. I won't back down. My mission is Truth, my God is the Lord Jesus Christ, and my client is the President of the United States."

In the past Ms Ellis has received some criticism over her views of the President before he was elected.

The attorney and former law professor previously bashed the President as "boorish and arrogant" and a "bully" whose words "really cannot be trusted" as factually accurate according to a CNN analysis of statements she made on her official Facebook page and local radio appearances.

"Why should we rest our highest office in America, on a man who fundamentally goes back and forth and really cannot be trusted to be consistent or accurate in anything," she said in an April 2016 radio appearance.


Ellis regularly ripped Trump in her social media posts and media appearances before he became the Republican nominee in 2016, including in one March 2016 Facebook post where she claimed his values were "not American" before linking to a post calling Trump a "fascist."

She suggested he wasn't a "real Christian" before eviscerating him for the "disgusting" comments he made about women, and argued his supporters were narcissists who eschewed fact, according to CNN.

"I could spend a full-time job just responding to the ridiculously illogical, inconsistent, and blatantly stupid arguments supporting Trump," she wrote in her post.

"But here's the thing: his supporters DON'T CARE about facts or logic. They aren't seeking truth.

"Trump probably could shoot someone in the middle of NYC and not lose support.

"And this is the cumulative reason why this nation is in such terrible shape: we don't have truth seekers; we have narcissists."


However, the Colorado attorney landed a job on the Trump 2020 Advisory board last November and has spent the last year spearheading the President's attempt to challenge the election results around the country.

"President Trump is absolutely right to keep all legal options on the table as we evaluate results. He is committed to protecting election integrity and defending the Constitution," she tweeted the day after Election Day.

"We are a nation of rules, not rulers."

On Wednesday a Pennsylvania judge ordered the state to stop certifying its presidential votes in a win for Trump's election battle.

Judge Patricia McCullough issued an injunction to stop the Keystone State from certification, which Governor Tom Wolf announced on Tuesday officials were doing – with Joe Biden as its winner.

McCullough, a Republican, wrote: “[T]o the extent that there remains any further action to perfect the certification of the results of the 2020 General Election … for the office of President and Vice President of the United States of America, Respondents are preliminarily enjoined from doing so, pending an evidentiary hearing[.]"

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, promptly tweeted that the injunction "does not impact yesterday’s appointment of electors. We will be filing an appeal with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court momentarily."

Election officials on Tuesday confirmed that Biden had beat Trump in the commonwealth by more than 80,000 votes.

Biden was projected to win the presidential race on November 7 with the win in Pennsylvania, which has 20 electoral votes.

The state's election results show Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris with 3.46million votes.

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence received 3.38million votes and Libertarian Jo Jorgensen received 79,000.

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