Trump Jr says Andrew Cuomo's publisher should CANCEL his book contract

DONALD Trump Jr has called for the publishers of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s book to CANCEL his contract.

On Sunday, Cuomo responded to the latest sexual harassment claims made by two former employees – Charlotte Bennett and Lindsey Boylan – and Anna Ruch, 33, who recalled a disturbing encounter with the politician at a wedding in 2019.

Cuomo acknowledged that he may have made inappropriate remarks that could "have been misinterpreted".

The Governor's book, "American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic," was released on Tuesday.

But now the son of former President Donald Trump has said that publishers Crown should cancel his book contract.

On Monday night he tweeted: "With everything that is coming to light, when will @CrownPublishing be cancelling @andrewcuomo's contract?" 

He then went on to claim that only “conservatives get cancelled”.

He told the Daily Wire: "Cancel culture is awful, but all I'm saying is that the rules should be applied equally.

"Simon & Schuster cancelled their contract with Josh Hawley, but Crown is going to stick by a credibly accused serial sexual harasser just because he's a Democrat? 

“What kind of message does that send? What are the rules? That's all I'm asking."

The Sun has reached out to Crown Publishing for comment.

Cuomo's book on his handling of the coronavirus has been panned by as a "deranged victory lap" written in "the prose of a sociopath."

The Washington Examiner review was titled: "Andrew Cuomo might be a sociopath."

Journalist Tiana Lowe dubbed the book as a way for Cuomo to "crank out some drivel for personal profit while dealing with no real end in sight for the coronavirus."

Lowe also called the book a "deranged victory lap of a memoir" that includes the "tact and prose of a sociopath."

The Democrat's book delivers a retelling of his efforts to contain the virus as it ravaged his state in spring.

Much of the material in the book would be familiar to anyone who closely followed his daily press briefings at the height of the outbreak, which Cuomo praised as a model of transparency.

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