Trump 'hates Melania’s Mar-a-Lago renovations and orders new décor to be ripped up'

DONALD Trump hated Melania's renovations at Mar-a-Lago and ordered the new décor to be ripped up, according to reports.

The US president was "mad" about the changes to his private quarters at the members-only club in Palm Beach, Florida when he arrived days before Christmas, sources told CNN.

Mar-a-Lago is considered the most likely location for Trump's post-White House life, and has been a favorite of Trump during his presidency – dubbing it the "Winter White House".

The renovations to the 3,000-square-foot space have been ongoing for several weeks as speculation has been running rife about where the Trump family will go when they are turfed out of the White House.

The apartment at Mar-a-Lago is said to feature separate bedrooms, sitting rooms and offices for both the president and the first lady.

The couple and their 14-year-old son Barron are currently at the Florida club for the holidays.

But the latest renovations did not appeal to Trump's taste and he asked for the white marble and abundance of dark wood to be removed, sources told CNN.

"He was not happy with it," the source said, adding that Trump had appeared "moody" and had been spending more time behind closed doors at the club.

"The vibe is off," another source said.

Melania and her interior decorator, Tham Kannalikham, had overseen the renovations.

The apartment was set to be "expanded and spruced up", sources told People.

"They are definitely renovating his apartment within the Mar-a-Lago Club to make it larger, more modern and comfortable for his use," the source said.

Trump was not only displeased with the renovations in the living area, but also the changes to the rest of the property, according to reports.

Despite the ongoing renovations to expand the space, Trump is reportedly looking at other homes in Palm Beach.

A source told Page Six that even though Melania has been redecorating their apartment at the club, the couple plans to buy some sort of property nearby so they can have more space.

"Melania and Trump are talking to brokers about buying a house in Palm Beach, or nearby, as the living space at Mar-a-Lago isn’t big enough, and there could be some potential conflicts," the source told the outlet.


Melania fueled rumors of a relocation to Mar-a-Lago after touring the ritzy Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale, which is just 40 minutes away from the resort.

The fancy school teaches those from grades nine through 12 and costs more than $35,000 a month – and is being eyed by Melania for Barron Trump, 14, reports Page Six.

Pine Crest has a star-studded alumni including pop star Ariana Grande, actor Kelsey Grammer and TV star Bethenny Frankel.

Page Six reported that the family may be looking to stay at Mar-a-Lago temporarily, while they search for a more permanent home.

Those close to the current first family say the president plans to spend his post-presidency in Palm Beach, his Bedminster golf club in New Jersey, and at Trump Tower in New York City.

Despite Trump's unhappiness with the changes to the family's apartment, the Mar-a-Lago black-tie New Year's Eve party is still set to go ahead on Thursday.

Guests have paid thousands for tickets to attend the celebrations with Trump and his family.

Although coronavirus cases continue to increase across the United States, a member of the club said at least 500 reservations have been confirmed, according to CNN.


It comes after a top expert claimed January's coronavirus death toll could be the highest yet after millions ignored travel warnings for holiday gatherings.

Dr Anthony Fauci made the grim forecast on Tuesday, as daily Covid hospitalizations hit more than 121,000 – days after warning of a new spike caused by Christmas travel and gatherings.

At least 1.28 million ignored US travel warnings and boarded flights on Sunday, according to daily figures from the Transportation and Security Administration.

Meanwhile, 1.1 million travelers took journeys on Monday according to the agency – even as those admitted to hospital each day shows no sign of slowing down.

Fauci – after warning of a “post-seasonal” surge in Covid infections on Sunday – today predicted that Americans' failure to heed experts' advice on the Christmas holidays would have nightmarish consequences.

He told CNN today: "Once you get to large numbers of people at a dinner, inside, poor air ventilation and circulation, that's when you get in trouble."

Without giving specific examples of data, Fauci continued: "I think we just have to assume that it will get worse.

"We're between 100,000 and 200,000 new infections each day. There was a period where it was over 200,000. I hope we just don't get to that level of continually seeing over 800,000." 

Tuesday's latest figures showed 335,051 people have already died in the US from coronavirus, with more than 19.3 million cases, according to the latest tally from Johns Hopkins University.

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