Three female protesters charged with assaulting cops in Manhattan

Three female protesters busted in Manhattan on Wednesday have been charged with punching or kicking cops, court papers reveal.

Rachel Menard, 23, allegedly slugged NYPD Assistant Chief Stephen Hughes in the face twice as he was cuffing William Beaudoin in Greenwich Village. Beaudoin had allegedly interfered with the arrest of a third person, according to the criminal complaint and police.

Menard was arraigned Thursday on one count each of felony second-degree assault and obstructing governmental administration and released without bail.

Elizabeth Barter, 28, allegedly refused several orders to stop blocking a West Village street, then shoved an unnamed person, according to the complaint. Deputy Inspector Andrew Hillery stepped in to arrest her and she allegedly “kicked him in the leg,” court papers charge. She had pepper spray dangling from a key chain attached to her fanny pack, the complaint says.

Menard was hit with five misdemeanor charges — including obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest, attempted assault and unlawful possession of a noxious material. She was sprung without bail.

Christine Brown, 23, was arraigned on six misdemeanor counts — including assault, resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration — by allegedly interfering with the NYPD’s arrest of other people “by placing her body and her bicycle” between them, the complaint states.

When Detective Robert Klein tried to cuff her, she allegedly kicked him in the shin, according to court papers. She was released without bail.

At least 22 other protesters — including Devina Singh, 24, who was caught on video spitting in a cop’s face — were issued desk appearance tickets during violent anti-cop demonstrations that swept through Manhattan Wednesday night. DATs are still considered an arrest, but the defendant is given a summons and arraigned in court at a later date.

Police previously said a total of 60 protesters had been arrested during Wednesday’s demonstrations — but the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said only 26 had been reported to them.

“Arrests made by local precincts may be included in later tallies,” the DA said in a statement.

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