This Italian hospital takes extreme precautions to battle coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has exacted a heavy toll on medical workers in northern Italy, but the situation is far different in a hospital in the southern city of Naples – where armed guards and high-tech equipment keep them safe, according to a report.

The Cotugno Hospital, which specializes in infectious diseases and has only been treating coronavirus patients lately, has had time to prepare for the onslaught and taken extraordinary steps to protect its doctors and other staff, according to Sky News, which got an inside look.

While 66 doctors have died as a result of the pandemic in Italy, according to numbers compiled by the National Federation of Orders of Surgeons and Dentists, not a single health-care worker has been affected at Cotugno, the news outlet reported.

The sickest patients at the facility are treated by staff wearing ultra-high-tech masks and hermetically sealed, waterproof suits – and who follow proper protocols to the max, including separating infected areas from sterile ones.

Lest anyone forget, armed security guards patrol the corridors.

Coronavirus Emergency In NaplesDoctors with masks in the emergency room of the Cotugnocotugno-hospital-98cotugno-hospital-97cotugno-hospital-96cotugno-hospital-95Doctor with mask in the emergency tent of the Cotugno

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