The most extreme superyacht concepts in the world

A volcanic island, a blimp and even a floating city: The most extreme superyacht concepts in the world

  • These are most extreme superyacht concepts in the world complete with cities on water & grand prix tracks 
  • Goal is to have extravagant features on your vessel not seen before or owned by any other billionaire 
  • Whatever you’re looking for to elevate you above the rest, these designs are sure to float your boat

Cities on the water, grand prix tracks and island paradises that float; these are the most extreme superyacht concepts in the world. 

Owning a superyacht is as much about wealth and status as it is about practicality.

The kudos gained from sailing into the harbour at Monaco in a lavish and decadent yacht can only be topped by having features on your vessel not seen before or owned by any other billionaire. 

Whatever you’re looking for to elevate you above the rest, these designs are sure to float your boat.

Created by Ricky Smith as a statement of progressive superyacht design, Era is a 262 foot concept that immediately catches the eye with its dramatic reverse bow, stacked foredeck superstructure and flowing, organic lines. Stuart Friezer Marine Naval Architects developed the underwater profile, which has been tank tested at Shanghai University, suggesting a top speed of 25 knots would be possible. Accommodation is for 20 guests and 24 crew, and key features include a superyacht beach club, a main deck swimming pool, and a side-loading tender garage. Meanwhile, the upper deck superyacht helipad makes full use of Era’s 13 metre beam, meaning a Bell 427 or a Eurocopter EC145 could be carried with ease

A yacht shaped like the top half of a star, this concept was designed by Lobanov Design and with naval architecture from BMT Nigel Gee. This aptly-named 132 metre yacht, Star, is taller than many yachts are long, measuring nearly 60 metres from the water to the top of the point. Unless you enjoy being hauled up the mast of your sailing yacht, views from the observation platform are unparalleled. Four lifts provide access across eight decks, perfect for party loving guests who can enjoy views from the top of the tip or from the underwater viewing area without running out of steam before they get there

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The team at Yacht Island Design were tasked with creating an idyllic, island getaway, but on a yacht. The result is known as Tropical Island Paradise. The huge exterior main deck includes some of the features of a tropical island paradise, including a huge swimming pool, cabanas and a bar. But the standout feature is the volcano, with a waterfall that runs down into the swimming pool. The two-deck owner’s suite is cut into the side of the volcano, with views out across the bow from behind the waterfall.The sculpted wave form of the yacht hides a large aft deck with helicopter landing pad. Also hidden from view is the huge deployable beach deck, which folds down from the stern to create an area for sea level relaxation. Perfect for private island owners who always wished they could take their island home with them

Montreal-based designer Charles Bombardier is the brains behind this wild superyacht concept, which aims to mimic the movement of a whale. Its two submerged pods would create waves to drive the yacht forward, while the trailing aft section adds to the stability of the design. Bombardier worked with industrial designer Martin Rico to create Seataci, which also features a pair of superyacht swimming pools and a tropical garden

Traditional Asian sailing vessels, as well as the namesake paper folding art, inspired this 100 metre concept from Monaco-based artist George Lucian, who admits that it is ‘at the limit of modern technology and innovation’.Origami elements include a portside section that folds out to create a touch-and-go superyacht helipad as well as a glass-sided observation lounge. Moving further forward and the mast rises from the centre of the full-beam swimming pool and culminates in a crow’s nest for the ultimate in 360-degree views out to sea.Lucian adds: ‘The project is designed for an owner who would not be afraid of stepping out of the traditional sailing yacht shapes, and going beyond anything that was built before, in terms of design, technology and environmental friendliness’

With its 108 metre concept, Norwegian studio Hareide Design has sought to shift the emphasis from admiring the interiors to enjoying the surroundings. As a result, this wild superyacht concept includes a seamless transition to the water with the gently sloping transom, as well as a multifunctional grand hall that provides uninterrupted views

Designed to take on the world, the 90 metre explorer yacht concept Taboo was developed by Gill Schmid Design and Tim Dempers Studio. Both polar and tropical destinations are well within the long-range capabilities of this ice-classed design.Taboo is capable of carrying a whole host of smaller vessels that would allow her owner to explore the most remote corners of the planet, including a plane, helicopter, submarine and amphibious car, not forgetting a bevy of luxury tenders. The monochromatic exterior styling features extensive use of one-way glass; giving panoramic views from the owner and VIP suites without compromising on privacy. Accommodation is for 26 guests and 40 crew, but the star of the show is a superyacht swimming pool flanked by aquaria so your guests can literally swim with the fishes

The CF8 Future is an 80 metre superyacht concept from Dutch studio Sea Level Yacht Design. CF8 stands for ‘Cars and Family in 262 feet’. Part yacht, part car showroom, the CF8 can accommodate a car collection for passers by to admire. Large centerline structures support the decks – this allows the yacht to be wrapped in a glass skin that welcomes light into the voluminous interiors

This 459 foot airship carrier is every bit as ambitious as its name would suggest. Another George Lucian design, Dare To Dream targets visionary superyacht owners who are equally passionate about aviation as they are about yachting. The enormous aft deck dominates this avante-garde design, with a helipad and circular swimming pool. Guest accommodation is provided on the lower deck, as well as a saloon for enjoying anything from an evening cocktail to a formal meal

Architect Zaha Hadid is well known for jazzing things up. Among a family of concepts developed for Blohm+Voss is a 295 foot concept she named Jazz. Structural supports have been moved outward to open up the interior to palatial spaces.This thought-provoking design pushes the interaction between inside and outside to the extreme, and the fluid form recalls the shapes of marine creatures.This prototype is applicable in a variety of pre-engineered platforms using as much or as little of the concept’s principles as desired. The external supports free up the interior for huge, unbroken spaces, a principle that Hadid has applied in many of her building towers

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, but the Tetrahedron superyacht does fly. If your first thought is, ‘That’ll never get built,’ think again. Designs for Tetrahedron have been around for a while, but its designer, Jonathan Schwinge, is looking to forge a partnership to build the wild yacht design with a big German yard.At rest, or low speeds, the carbon fibre Tetra is effectively a trimaran, floating on three underbelly hulls. At speed, it rises on foils jutting out of a torpedo hull, allowing it to ‘fly’ at speeds of up to 38 knots. It works, too, as it’s based on an existing hull design by the Maritime Applied Physics Corporation in the US. Despite measuring just 71 foot, its unusual shape still guarantees lots of volume, providing accommodation for six guests and four crew

VPLP Design has come up with this 282 foot trimaran sailing yacht concept. Komorebi is a hybrid between a sailing vessel and power yacht. It is highly efficient and stable, suited just as much to crossing oceans as to anchoring in shallow bays.Komorebi has a very open design that allows light to flow into the many different areas on board. Two fully automated wing rigs make it capable of 20 knots under sail. It also has a hybrid mode that provides impressive fuel saving and a tree on the raft deck

Yacht Island Design has created this 508 foot SWATH vessel concept known as The Streets of Monaco. Naval architecture courtesy of British firm BMT Nigel Gee. The design features some of the famous landmarks from the Mediterranean principality, including the Hotel de Paris and the Casino on the upper deck. One of the most ambitious concepts yet, The Streets of Monaco has a fully functional go-kart track based on the famous grand prix circuit. Guests will be able to race like an F1 driver through the tunnel, past the swimming pool and try not to crash going round La Rascasse. The Grand Atrium acts as the central hub of the yacht, linking the various living areas. An ornate spiral superyacht staircase is the focal point, sweeping around a waterfall feature that is supplied by a glass bottomed fountain from the garden above

Inspired by the growing trend for spectacular superyacht pools, Shaddai is a 492 foot concept by Gabriele Teruzzi that gives the owner the best view in the house.The dramatic superstructure includes a master suite and 105 square metre beach club suspended 38 metres above the main aft deck. And with such a commanding position, it’s easy to see why the concept has been named after the Hebrew word for omnipotence

Designed by Italian studio BFMV, Bolla is a 213 foot superyacht concept that won bronze in the yacht and marine vessels category at the 2015 A’Design Awards. The designers’ aim to connect the air and the water inspired both the striking spherical bubble in the centre of the symmetrical superstructure and the name (which means ‘bubble’ in Italian). Bolla would feature a dive centre and an on-board vegetable garden to further enhance the yacht’s close affinity with nature. BFMV also has plans for a custom superyacht tender that would closely mirror the design of the mothership

Turkish designer Timur Bozca is the brains behind this sinister-looking superyacht concept, which shuns convention and embraces dark tones through its minimalist interior. At 70 metres LOA, Black Swan is designed around its helipad, from which guests can descend into the interior via a concealed lift. Plenty of al fresco relaxation space is provided by the extended aft deck, complete with 12 sunloungers and an infinity pool, while two forward balconies provide unobstructed views out to sea.Triangular hull windows help to illuminate the interior, which includes accommodation for up to 12, split across a master suite and six guest cabins. Based in the Turkish coastal town of Kas, Timur Bozca leapt to prominence last year by winning the Young Designer of the Year Award at the ShowBoats Design Awards 2015. His entry, Project Cauta, was a 55 metre ketch design

Codecasa’s futuristic 70-metre aircraft-inspired superyacht design, the Codecasa Jet 2020 is packed with stylistic features ‘borrowed’ from the world of aviation design, including a sundeck that extends aft to recall ‘the tail of an aircraft’. Additional inspiration is present in the yacht’s air inlets, which are designed to recall a jet engine, and radar antennas inside carbon fibre domes replicating those on AWACS aeroplanes. Other features include ‘huge exterior and interior spaces’, swimming pool and covered gym

Codecasa’s futuristic 70-metre aircraft-inspired superyacht design, the Codecasa Jet 2020Â is packed with stylistic features ‘borrowed’ from the world of aviation design, including a sundeck that extends aft to recall ‘the tail of an aircraft’. Additional inspiration is present in the yacht’s air inlets, which are designed to recall a jet engine, and radar antennas inside carbon fibre domes replicating those on AWACS aeroplanes. Other features include ‘huge exterior and interior spaces’, swimming pool and covered gym

The largest design yet from husband and wife team Demetrius and Dana Tanase (aka Expleo Design), 110 metre Elyon has a simple yet ambitious motto: ‘Aim for the highest’. This approach is reflected in the concept’s multitude of on-board features, with both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a spa, gym and wellness area, and even a casino room.The striking exterior was inspired by calm waves and features a dramatically sloped reverse bow. Accommodation is for up to 30 guests and the hull has been designed to achieve a top speed of 18 knots

Inspired by Middle Eastern culture and modern architecture, the 285 foot neWWave shatters convention with its flowing aluminium superstructure. Designer Jaehoon Ahn penned this radical exterior, which creates interesting shadows, both on deck and in the internal spaces, which benefit from 3.6 metres of headroom for a total volume of 3,600GT. The visual blurring of the decks is carried through to the layout, with a dedicated prayer room, which would benefit from eight metres of headroom, spanning the lower two decks, and a multi-level owner’s suite that makes use of the top two decks.Other key features include four large aft decks with a ten metre aft deck swimming pool, fire pit, al fresco dining area and spa pool. The propulsion system is undisclosed at this stage, but neWWave’s Palmer Johnson-inspired hull has been designed to achieve a top speed of 16 knots

Like its curious name, Roberto Curta’s 207 foot Hypnosquid also has a unique design. When planning the yacht’s exterior with SuperYachtsMonaco, Curta was inspired by the shape of a cuttlefish and the creature’s elegant, fast and agile nature under water. One key exterior design feature is the line of LED coloured windows, which represent the cuttlefish’s eyes and punctuate the main deck. Hypnosquid, which has room for 10 guests and 12 crew, also includes an onboard garden, massage centre and cinema room. Special touches include the Jacuzzi’s waterfall feature and the dining area, where guests can watch the chef at work in the galley during their meal

This radical 229 foot concept from Monaco designer George Lucian aims to raise awareness of climate change in the Arctic. Named Fata Morgana, the explorer concept is equipped with an Ice Class hull and designed to sail and charter in the arctic regions. Key features include a bow inspired by a snowy rock foundation, outdoor swimming pool, sky observatory and helipad. Designed to be ultra-low emission, Fata Morgana will be equipped with devices capable of monitoring and instantly transmitting the ocean’s temperature. Accommodation on board would be for a total of 12 guests and 18 crew members

Penned inside and out by Ricky Smith Designs, this futuristic 262 foot superyacht concept Solis features curvaceous styling and a sleek superstructure constructed from aluminium and carbon fibre. Electrically powered, Solis features numerous integrated panels in the vast overhead canopy on the sun deck, which also features a spa pool, sports terrace, sports bar and brasserie. Elsewhere, there is an ‘aerofoil shaped helipad’ on the upper deck aft and a 75 square metre balcony overlooking the swimming platform on the main deck

Fresh from the boards of French designer Thierry Gaugain is the ‘ultra-modern’ 393 foot superyacht concept Project L. Inspired by the ‘smooth form of a beach pebble’, Project L can be fully opened for a direct connection to the ocean. Powered by a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion package, Project L is designed to ‘glide’ through the water. Futuristic features include the likes of a high-tech underwater media room, drive-in tender garage and submarine escape pod

Expleo Design’s debut concept, the 328 foot Intimisea places a strong emphasis on wide-open spaces. This can be seen in the sprawling aft deck with its huge swimming pool, which can be accessed directly from the upper deck via four slides.Other standout features include a foredeck helipad, owner’s deck, gym, 45-person cinema and even an on-board casino. Accommodation is for 12 guests and 25 crewmembers, while the hull has been designed around a cruising speed of 16 knots

Inspired by 17th century pirate ships, 190 foot Caronte is the latest bold concept from the boards of Italian studio Lazzarini Design. The imposing bulwarks tower six metres above the waterline, allowing for huge interior volume, with room for two luxury cars to be stored in the aft garage.Moving up to the main deck, the dining area includes a rectangular table with room for ten guests to enjoy a meal together. Other key features include an upper deck helipad, a 15 foot spa pool and a superyacht gym concealed in the forepeak. The feasibility of such a concept is up for debate, but for anyone who wants to get in touch with their inner pirate, this divisive yacht design takes some beating

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