Teen says grooming gang beat, burned & drugged her in harrowing Facebook post – The Sun

A TEEN has claimed a grooming gang beat, burned and drugged her in a harrowing Facebook post.

The teen said she had been stripped naked and beaten in the string of abuse over years.

And she shared photographs of the harrowing injuries she claimed she had suffered during the abuse.

The teen can be seen with a black eye, bruises covering her legs, cuts across her body and even what appears to be cigarette burns.

She said that she had finally decided to speak up after being abducted and taken to a house to have sex with three Asian men before being battered on Tuesday.

Writing on social media, she said: "The organisers of the party decided to beat me to teach me a lesson.

"They decided that I don’t learn from being battered as I’ve received beatings before but 'still continuing to make the same mistakes' so they decided to try and cut my finger off! They then continued screaming in my face, waving a knife around saying they would kill me."

They have stripped me naked, beaten me and dumped me in the middle of nowhere with nothing

She said she had been trafficked across Manchester, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria and Leeds over the years.

And she claimed other women were in the same position as herself – living at the mercy of the "evil" men.

She claimed how the men had managed to manipulate her before the beatings began.

She wrote: "They have given me drugs to the point I was nearly addicted to heroin.

"They have stripped me naked, beaten me and dumped me in the middle of nowhere with nothing, I mean nothing, no money, phone, ID, clothes, shoes, nothing.

"They did this once in winter where I got found with bad hypothermia.

"They have broken my ribs, many bones in my face, they have split my ear, cut my throat, attempted to cut my boobs and nipples off, they have carved words into my body, branded me with letters, they have dislocated my elbow, they have stabbed me, they have burnt me and used me as an ashtray to stump cigarettes out, they have beaten me black."

She said the abuse was almost weekly.

Cumbria Police confirmed detectives are investigating an incident of physical and sexual abuse that had been reported on Tuesday.

They said: "The constabulary are aware of a post issued by a member of the public… on social media concerning the incident, which was reported to have occurred in the Barrow-in-Furness area."

The young woman said she had decided to share her story to raise awareness for people to recognise the signs of grooming and abuse.

She wrote: "Girls open up, speak to your friends and parents, tell someone you trust, you can speak to childline, Samaritans, people at the woman’s centre. Tell the truth, you will be believed.

"This is not okay, no excuse justifies hurting another human in this way."


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