Teen boxer, 18, shot dead by mistake after being caught up in 'macho man' love triangle feud as three jailed for life

A TEENAGE boxer was shot dead by mistake after getting caught up in a "macho man" love triangle feud – with three men jailed.

Cole Kershaw, 18, was fatally shot in the chest in Bury, Greater Manchester, when his best friend, Spencer Woods, was targeted in a gangland-style hit fuelled by jealousy.

As the innocent teen, an apprentice scaffolder, lay dying in the street, he told 19-year-old Woods: “He shot me bro, he shot me”.

He tragically died on August 12 of 2020.

Inquiries revealed Woods had been embroiled in a bitter tit-for-tat dispute with 19-year Kamran Mohammed, because they had been dating the same girl.

Police found text messages sent to Woods by the girl in the aftermath of the killing saying: ''This is all your fault… You caused the problem with Kammy. You was jealous of Kammy”.

It also emerged Cole had tried to veer Woods away from the feud and was said to have been in the ''wrong place at the wrong time'' when the shooting occurred. In the wake of the attack Cole’s brother told Woods: “It’s your fault that he’s dead.”

Amid angry scenes in a courtroom today, Mohammed, of Bury, was convicted of murder and possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life, and jailed for life with a recommendation he serve a minimum 27 years.

Two other men; Mohammed Khan, 21, and Khayam Khurshid, 28, both also of Bury, were also jailed for life after being convicted of the same offences.

A fourth man, Raheem Hall, 19, of Heywood, admitted assisting an offender and was jailed for four years.

Manchester Crown Court was told Woods had been dating the young woman for two years but she then began seeing Mohammed whilst maintaining a ''close relationship'' with her ex.

Months before the killing, Woods was attacked by a group of men – including Mohammed – with baseball bats and machetes. He was seriously injured but did not make a police statement.

Mohammed reportedly had also threatened the young woman at the centre of the triangle with a gun at her home. 

The woman, who could not be named, told the jury Woods had been ''possessive'' and had assaulted her during their relationship.

“One time Spencer was waiting outside my house for Kammy and then followed his car all the way, driving recklessly,” she said. “On another occasion Kamran went to Spencer’s house, waited for him and hit him and they had a fight in the street.”

''One time I had a phone call from Kammy, asked me how I was doing and about two minutes later, I heard screeching tyres coming round the corner… He was shouting “what other f***ers are in the house.”

Under the impression that his girlfriend was seeing Woods again, Mohammed allegedly threatened to kill her family and friends, while telling her how much he still loved her.

Jason Pitter QC prosecuting told the jury: “This relationship caused tensions, which increased in the months preceding the shooting, and which had much to do with macho muscle flexing between these two young men”.

On the night of the killing, Mohammed and his friends got into a BMW 5 series armed with a gun and baseball bats. They confronted Woods, who was travelling with Cole and two other friends in a Ford Mondeo, and began pursuing it while firing shots at the vehicle.

The two cars crashed following a dramatic chase. The two men tried to flee on foot, but Cole was caught in a final hail of bullets and was hit in the side and the chest, damaging the main artery to his heart. He was taken to Royal Oldham Hospital, but later died from his injuries.

In a statement Cole's father Chris Gaynor said his son, who had a “bright future in boxing,” was on the cusp of manhood. 

“His death has devastated all of us. Never did I imagine having to bury my own son,” he said.

In mitigation, Mohammed's counsel Simon Gurney said: “His intention was to use the firearm to scare Mr Woods and he has expressed regret and remorse in the death of Cole Kershaw”.

Judge Justice Amanda Yip described the killing as ''senseless''.

“Cole became embroiled in a situation because he was a loyal friend to Spencer Woods. Sadly, that loyalty was misguided as Mr Woods was a source of serious trouble. He must now live with the fact his actions led to the death of his friend,” she said.

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