Teen, 19, jailed for knifing lad in chest at party with ex-Premier League star Kevin Phillips’ wife

A TEEN thug has been jailed for knifing a lad in the chest at a party with the wife of ex-Premier League star Kevin Phillips.

Nathan Michaels, 19, plunged the blade into Aigars Lipenitis, 20, during a booze-fuelled brawl at a house in Sutton Coldfield, West Mids.

Julie Phillips, 49, wife of ex-Sunderland striker Kevin, had broken lockdown rules to visit a group of lads in the two-bed terrace when the fight kicked off.

But this week Michaels was sentenced to three years in prison after admitting causing GBH on May 2 this year.

Sergeant Tony La Planche said: “Carrying and using a knife can have fatal consequences and Michaels showed no compassion for his victim – leaving him lying on the flood, seriously injured and needing hospitalisation.

“We will always seek to prevent and prosecute these offences to keep the public safe and bring offenders to justice.”


A visitor to the party told how Julie helped tend to Aigars before being arrested by cops on suspicion of attempted murder.

The wife of ex-England hotshot Kevin, 46, was later released without charge.

Aigars’s best friend, Thomas Sabunas, told how Julie was “shocked” at the stabbing, which led to a teen, 19, being charged with wounding.

The 20-year-old said: “I was there at the incident.

I was there with Aigars and Julie. She was fighting to save his life when the police arrived.

“I was there with Aigars and Julie. She was fighting to save his life when the police arrived.

“We all were. We didn’t want him to die. He’s our friend. He’s not a bad person. He didn’t deserve to be stabbed.

“Julie did nothing wrong. She’s just our friend.”

Speaking at the family’s home in Lichfield in May, Aigars’s sister Anzelika said the fight was sparked by “alcohol”.

Julie, whose Range Rover was towed from the scene so police could check for clues, told officers she had been visiting her mother before stopping at the house.


Meanwhile ex-Sunderland, Southampton and England striker Kevin, 46, denied local rumours his wife was having an affair with one of the men.

He said she had been taking beers to the house.

Speaking at home in Rugeley, Staffs, he added: “Julie was a witness to the incident and she was released without charge.

“As you can imagine, she was very traumatised.

“But as regards to any other suggestions, they are complete nonsense.”

The Sun Online understands that Julie was confronted by her striker husband when she was released from custody.

Julie was a witness to the incident and she was released without charge. As you can imagine, she was very traumatised.

He asked her to come clean on rumours she was having an affair.

A family friend said the former Aston Villa star accepted his wife’s explanation that she had brought booze to the house for friends of her daughters.

They told The Sun: “She told him that she brought them some beers round and witnessed a stabbing.

“She knows shouldn’t have done it and she’s devastated by it.

“They are all friends of the family. The kids are friends with them. As much as Kevin doesn’t want them to be friends.

“Kevin knows the stabbing is big deal and he has had a go at her over breaking the social distancing."

The attack happened outside the home of Ben Chalk, 20, who was also also arrested and released without charge.


A friend said: “They were all drinking. Things got a bit heated and a knife was pulled on Aigars.

“He was stabbed in the chest, just above the heart. He’s stable now but is awaiting surgery.

“Ben was on the phone to the ambulance while Julie and Tom were working on him to try and keep him alive. They were there until the paramedics got there.

“They were applying pressure to the wound. They helped save his life.

“When the police came they were made to sit in Julie’s car and that’s when they were arrested.”

It is believed a man at the party fled and crashed into a Kwik Fit garage over a mile away.

In March 2005, The Sun caught Julie cheating on Kevin with a toyboy mobile phone salesman.

She spent lunchtimes romping with 24-year-old Richard Martin and even showered him with cash.

But she and Kevin managed to save their marriage and they had another child together.

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