Tara Reade wants access to Joe Biden’s Senate records over sex assault claim

Lawyers for Tara Reade, who has come forward to accuse Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her when she worked on his Senate staff in 1993, want her to be able to review the former veep’s records stored at the University of Delaware.

They specifically want access to a request for sexual harassment counseling they said Reade recalls filing with the Office of Senate Fair Employment Practices shortly after the alleged attack, which Biden denies took place.

“We represent Tara Reade and write, pursuant to Delaware’s Right to Inspect Personnel Files Act, to request that Ms. Reade be permitted to inspect any personnel files/documents related to her employment with Vice President Biden as a member of the staff of his United States Senate office,” lawyers for Wigdor LLP wrote to Biden and Laure Bachich Ergin, vice president and general counsel at the University of Delaware, where his records are archived.non

“While Biden continues to claim that the sexual assault ‘never happened’ and that he doesn’t even recall Ms. Reade, he steadfastly refuses to search his records currently housed at the University of Delaware,” said Douglas Wigdor, a partner in the firm.

“If he has nothing to hide, he should immediately consent to our request and permit a search for any records concerning Ms. Reade. If he does not, we will be forced to take next steps to vindicate our client’s rights.”

Biden in a May 1 letter to the university asked that any records regarding Reade be located and released, but none has been forthcoming.

Reade said in a recent interview with Megyn Kelly that Biden pinned her against a wall and said, “I want to f–k you.”

“He had his hands underneath my clothes, and it happened all at once, so when I tell about it, it’s hard because so many things were happening at once, it’s like my brain was trying to catch up to what was happening,” she said.

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