Stay at home message ditched from March 29 in lockdown roadmap – but you will be fined if you head to airport to holiday

THE stay at home message will be ditched from Monday – but you still face a fine if you try to leave the country.

Millions of Brits were ordered to stay at home under the third national lockdown, working from their own house and unable to meet up with friends in an attempt to stop the spread of Covid.

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But Boris Johnson's roadmap out of lockdown has now started to unfold, with the next phase to take place from March 29.

The Rule of Six will return to let Brits meet up with six mates outside while outdoor sports will be back on.

And the next phase also means the "Stay Home" slogan will be axed.

Under the current rules, many Brits had been fined for not having a reasonable excuse for heading outside.

It comes as…

  • Holidays abroad will be banned until July
  • Boris Johnson vowed to end lockdown 'once and for all' ahead of the first anniversary
  • Leaked docs revealed care home staff will be forced by law to get the Covid jab
  • Britain could slap all of Europe on a red list
  • The new March 29 rules are explained here

Earlier this year, two women were fined £200 each for driving five miles to go for a walk in the park.

But the change now means that people will be told simply to "minimise travel".

That means people can visit family members a couple of hours drive away or visit a park in another part of the country and not be fined.

You could even go to the Lake District for a walk and not be fined.

However, Brits do face a £5,000 for trying to leave the country.

Under new Covid laws, which were published by ministers yesterday people across the country will be officially banned from leaving the country without a reasonable excuse.

This means Brits will be fined if you travel to a travel point like an airport or international train station to head on holiday.

Previously the holiday ban was implied, as it was not one of the reasons people are allowed to leave their homes.

The new travel laws come in on Monday as part of lockdown rules being lifted, but effectively there's no big change for holidays as they are already banned.

Brits already have to also fill out a form if they do want to leave the country, stating their permitted reason to do so, or they will face a £200 fine for not having the right paperwork.

But despite the new rules, Boris Johnson vowed to end lockdown "once and for all".

The PM warned a third Covid wave in Europe would “wash up on our shores”, but hailed our jabs success and national spirit.

Almost 28million people have so far received the jab in the UK.


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