Spy agencies ‘locked in fierce battle to buy ventilators at all costs’ in global race to fight coronavirus pandemic – The Sun

SPY agencies worldwide are battling to obtain ventilators and other key medical supplies in an at all costs race to fight the coronavirus pandemic, Israeli intelligence have claimed.

Mossad sources alleged that intelligence services are turning their focus from national security towards getting their hands on medical equipment in a secret war against Covid-19.

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Israeli TV station Channel 12 ran a feature revealing this alleged covert battle as part of its investigative news program.

Senior sources within the Israeli intelligence services have described an ongoing fierce and secretive race to control limited medical supplies, reports Times of Israel.

Mossad have previously openly declared their involvement in procuring medical supplies for Israel, including announcing they had obtained 500,000 testing kits last month.

However, they have declined to confirm the source of these key supplies.

Other global spy agencies have not made such announcements about their involvement – if any – in battling Covid-19.

The report gave a dramatic account of these secret operations – including suggestions that nations are snatching supplies from beneath other rivals' noses.

It was claimed Mossad believes the world’s nations are now “looking after themselves” and getting medical equipment is about “finding the cracks” to obtain what you need as quickly as possible.

Reports have previously claimed covert operations have been carried out by nations including China and North Korea in obtaining medical supplies.

No evidence yet suggests that Western powers such as Britain and the United States are involved in such dealings – but the Mossad source did name one power in the fight as “European”.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have warned however of spiralling prices and a potential global shortage of medical supplies due to stockpiling and limited production.

A Mossad officer, named only as Het, reportedly claimed the Israeli government has ordered them to covertly obtain masks, virus testing kits, medicine, protective gear and, most importantly, ventilators.

Ventilators are key in keeping the most ill coronavirus patients alive as the infection damages their lungs, making it harder to breath.

Speaking on the program, he claimed: “The world is selling [ventilators] through cracks. We need to find the cracks.

“We are world champions in operations, and we know how to manage complex operations.

“We are utilizing our special connections to win the race and perhaps do what the whole world is doing — lay our hands on stocks ordered by others.”


Het described it as the most complex operation he has been part of during his career with Mossad.

The spy agency claimed it was receiving 2,000 leads a day on where to procure the supplies.

Israel has more than 5,500 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and so far reported 21 deaths.

Het claimed Mossad have managed to obtain supplies such as 25,000 N95 respiratory masks, 10 million surgical masks and 700 overall for ambulance works.

And he claimed they had also managed to get their hands on hundreds of ventilators.

Het said: “We had a country in Europe where our trucks arrived at the factory’s doors but another European country was ahead of us and loaded it up.

“We also had a situation where we had equipment we purchased on a plane but it had to be unloaded because the plane didn’t get permission [to take off] due to the embargo.

“The whole world is looking after itself.

“Prices have risen four- and five-fold and the world has closed down.”

Het added however Mossad is confident it will be able to get its hand on 7,000 ventilators.

Israeli officials have so far declined to comment on what countries have been providing them with medical supplies.

It has been reported the equipment has come from countries without diplomatic relations with Israel in the Persian Gulf.

The world continues to fight on through the coronavirus pandemic, with global cases nearing 900,000 and the total death toll now over 43,000.

Other reports have previously emerged of nations covertly attempting to get their hands on medical supplies.

China is alleged to have quietly bulk-bought three million masks, 700,000 hazmat suits and 500,00 pairs of protective gloves through a government-backed firm in February.

The firm allegedly tasked their entire workforce to scour the world for medical supplies to be purchased and sent to China, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

It has also been reported North Korea have secretly been attempting to acquire testing kits as the rogue still has not confirmed a case of coronavirus.

Last week, Isareli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the Mossad would take over the purchase of medical equipment from other countries.

Mossad director Yossi Cohen reportedly heads a special command center along with other security chiefs and the Health Ministry.

The agency has also reportedly obtained information on the mass production of ventilators.

WHO chiefs have previously called for a 40 per cent boost in manufacturing to help meet the world’s medical needs during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a dire assessment of the global supply last month, they blamed “rising demand, panic buying, hoarding and misuse” for a lack of resources.

The organisation warned lives are being put at risk as medical supplies are improperly stockpiled – leaving some frontline workers “dangerously ill-equipped”.

WHO director general Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said: “Without secure supply chains, the risk to healthcare workers around the world is real.

"Industry and governments must act quickly to boost supply, ease export restrictions and put measures in place to stop speculation and hoarding.

“We can’t stop COVID-19 without protecting health workers first."

The leading medics warning of widespread market manipulation leading to spiraling costs and supplies dwindle.

British doctors have also reported shortages of equipment, with some NHS staff being forced to buy their own aprons and treat patients without wearing masks.

The alleged supply shortage of vital protective equipment is said to be placing hospital staff under increased stress as the nation's nurses battle to care for sick patients.

One doctor, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told The Sun: "I’ve never seen people afraid like this.
"We do not have enough protective equipment, and consultants are buying their own masks from Screwfix and Wickes, but even they have now run out of stock."
It comes as NHS doctors are being forced to shave their beards to protect themselves from coronavirus.

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