Sickening moment racist attacker kicks and stomps Asian woman walking to church as cowardly security guard watches on

SICKENING video captured a man kicking an Asian woman, 65, in an alleged racist attack as a security guard looks on without helping.

The woman was on her way to church on Monday morning in Manhattan when the man hurled anti-Asian statements at her as he viciously beat her to the ground.

Video shows the attack happening outside of a building just before noon, and a security guard looking on — but doing nothing to help the woman.

"F**k you. You don't belong here," the man allegedly shouted, according to The New York Post.

Police provided the video, which shows the victim on the ground being kicked repeatedly in what appears to be her head.

At one point after the beating, the security guards inside the building appear to shut the door right in front of the victim.

The suspect ran off and was still being sought Monday night, police said.

The woman was reportedly taken to NYU Langone Hospital with swelling and pain.

She suffered a fractured pelvis in the attack, but is in stable condition, according to police.

The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is investigating.

The task force shared photos of the suspect on Twitter and asked for the public's held in identifying him.

Police said the victim was "approached by an unidentified male who punched and kicked her about the body and made anti-Asian statements."

There has been a steep uptick in crimes against Asian people in the United States over the past year.

In New York City, there has reportedly been a 1,300 percent increase in hate crimes against Asian-Americans since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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