Shocking moment mum's cleaning spray EXPLODES and blows out windows of family home

THIS is the shocking moment a mum's cleaning spray exploded as she tidied her living room – blowing out the windows of her family home.

Samantha Drury, 34, said she was holding the Fabulosa cleaning spray when it exploded into a 'fireball' on Friday, causing £6,000 worth of damage.

The shocking blast was caught on three different security cameras and shows the windows of the mum's home smashing open.

Screams can be heard from inside as shattered glass is left on the driveway.

Samantha, from Hull, East Yorks, said: "It was an unbelievable experience that you never expect to happen.

"I was just cleaning around the living room. I used it on the window, windowsill and then on the radiator, which was switched off.

"I'd pulled the sofa out to get to the window then all of a sudden it created a fireball."

Luckily, the mum-of-one only suffered minor burns but the explosion has caused £6,000 of damage after smashing through the window and burning the sofa and carpet.

She said: "My son was behind me and his clothes were damaged as well. I was stood behind the sofa so I think that saved me.

"Thank God the window blew outwards or I dread to think what would have happened."

"Looking back, we think it happened because its highly flammable and it mixed with dust, it caused friction and the fire to evolve from there.

"It just came up like a wave over me.

"People online were and are still recommending using the spray on radiators and people need to know that it's not safe.

"Luckily, everything that was damaged is replaceable but God forbid one day it could kill someone."

Samantha's Fabulosa air freshener says it is a 'concentrated disinfectant' which can be used as for 'long lasting freshness' in homes, vehicles and clothes.

A spokesperson for Fabulosa said: "Our customer’s health and safety is of utmost importance to us and we take any reported incidents seriously.

"We have contacted the customers concerned so we can investigate.

"Fabulosa and its packaging is fully compliant with all safety regulations on how to safely use them and any associated risks.

"In line with this, our Shock Can states quite clearly that it is extremely flammable and it should therefore be kept away from heat and all sources of ignition."  

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