Shameless couple caught 'having sex' in park near horrified families as shocked witness claims 'they couldn't wait'

A SHAMELESS couple were caught apparently having sex in a park in front of children – as posh dog walkers said they “couldn’t wait to get down to it”.

Shocking shows the moment the pair were caught appearing to romp in Eel Brook Common in West London yesterday.

The couple – believed to be in their 20s – were said to be rolling around on the hottest day of the year for nearly 40 minutes, according to one witness.

After cycling over the park the couple were spotted frolicking in the sun as with almost all their clothes on as temperatures inLondon hit 28.6C.

The man and man and woman were seen getting up close and personal as she wrapped her legs around him.

He is on seen on their knees as they kiss passionately after plonking their bikes on the grass.

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A dog-walker, 39, who spotted the raunchy couple said: “We were just walking the dogs, and then all the kids were running around the play area.

"This couple were cycling through the grass at a rapid speed, and a few minutes later we kept walking and looked back and saw them.

“They were going at it hammer and tong in front of the children, not a care in the world who was watching.

“It was shocking considering the amount of children that were around.

“There was loads of people around, but nobody was even bothered by it. I don’t think anybody was paying attention, but we just couldn’t believe what was happening.

“We’ve never seen them before.

“Everyone else was just lying down and taking in the sunshine, and enjoying the hot weather."

In the video the man is seen lying on top of the woman before having a bashful look around to check if anyone is watching.

The woman – dressed in a bikini top – was later spotted sitting on top of the brazen man, as children played in a park just a few metres away.

They were going at it hammer and tong in front of the children, not a care in the world who was watching

Subathers laying nearby were blissfully unaware of the x-rated show on display in broad daylight.

The witness said: “We were walking around for a little while, and when we got to the end of our walk they were still going at it, so it must have been at least 30-40 minutes.

“They came straight over the road over the grass in a rush on their bikes, it was like they were dying to get it on, it looked like a moment of passion, they couldn’t wait any longer by the looks of it.

“I don’t know if they were on a first date but it looked like it was going well if they were.


“They didn’t look like they were p*****, it didn’t look alcohol related, they just looked like they couldn’t wait a second longer.”

They added: “We just couldn’t believe what we were seeing, and didn’t even know what to say to them.

"We walked around the park a few times with the dogs and when we came back they were still going.

"It's not what you expect in a park."

The Met Police said they had no record of the incident being reported to them.

Last April, a frisky couple stunned onlookers by romping in broad daylight yards from the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Footage taken by a cyclist shows the woman straddling the man as families and ­joggers watched aghast in St James’s Park.

And in April this year, a man and woman who romped in a park in front of children admitted “we’ve f***** up” when confronted by a furious mum. 

Footage showed the moment the pair were caught in Edinburgh Playing Fields in Aylesbury, Bucks.

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