Senate rejects Cruz-Gosar challenge to Biden’s Arizona electoral victory

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WASHINGTON — The Senate on Wednesday rejected a challenge to Joe Biden’s Arizona Election College victory after a day of violence rocked the US Capitol.

The objection to Arizona’s electoral votes — brought by GOP Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar — failed by a resounding 93-6.

Six of President Trump’s allies in the Senate, including Cruz, Josh Hawley (R-MI), Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS), John Kennedy (R-LA), Roger Marshall (R-KS) and Tommy Tuberville (R-AK) supported the motion.

Lawmakers met in a joint session of Congress on Wednesday to certify Biden’s 306-232 victory, which dozens of Republicans said they would challenge.

But the debate was abruptly interrupted shortly after 1 p.m. when pro-Trump supporters unhappy with the election result overpowered Capitol Police and stormed Congress.

Hours of chaos ensued as rioters cornered lawmakers in the two chambers, leading to a tense armed standoff.

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