School worker tells girls in shorts they were 'risking being raped'

Worker at Church of England school tells girls aged 12 and 13 off for wearing shorts because they ‘risk being raped’ – as a group of boys wear skirts to lessons in protest

  • Year 8 pupils at Thomlinson Middle School, Northd, arrived wearing shorts for PE
  • The next day a female staff members said the girls were ‘at risk’ of being raped
  • School apologised for ‘unacceptable views’ but parents demand she be sacked

A school has issued a grovelling apology after a female member of staff warned a group of girls wearing shorts they were at risk of being raped

The unnamed member of staff made the comments after some Year 8 pupils turned up to Dr Thomlinson Middle School in Rothbury, Northumberland, wearing sports shorts.

The next day the member of staff told a pupil she was ‘pleased to see her wearing a longer skirt’ as girls ‘get noticed’ if they wear shorts adding they put themselves at risk of being raped.

Dr Thomlinson Middle School in Rothbury, Northumberland, has apologised for the comments made by a female member of staff (stock image)

The shocking comments were overheard by a group of girls who were so upset they told their parents who complained to the school.

Parents at the school, which caters for 209 pupils aged 9-13, and is rated ‘good’ by Ofsted, have demanded the member of staff is sacked.

One mum said: ‘My daughter heard about the comments and was genuinely upset and worried about what she should wear.

‘It’s appalling that in this day of age a member of staff can tell girls their choice of clothes could put them at risk of being raped.

‘It’s blatant victim blaming and I’m shocked that the member of staff is still employed at the school.’

A group of boys at the Church of England school were so furious with the remarks they wore skirts to lessons in protest.

Another mum said: ‘I am told that when the girl in question was singled out about wearing shorts she burst into tears. What kind of a message does this send to young girls?

Parents of the children at Dr Thomlinson Middle School in Rothbury, Northumberland, demanded the member of staff be sacked

‘What happens if a girl is attacked, will they report it to police or will they stay quiet in case they think they are somehow to blame?

‘I’m extremely proud of the boys for wearing skirts in protest the next day.. The school is very close-knit and hopefully this is just a blip.’

The school says the comments were ‘entirely unacceptable’ and added that the boys who wore skirts in protest would not be punished.

In a statement a school spokesperson said: ‘Children have been reminded of the correct school uniform to wear for PE.

‘On Tuesday 15th June, 2021 it was reported that a female member of staff had made inappropriate comments regarding the length of skirts.

‘The matter was investigated and the relevant authorities were informed.

‘The school is working closely with its HR advisers to ensure appropriate policies and procedures are being followed.

‘The views expressed [by the member of staff] were entirely unacceptable and are not the views of the school.

‘The school has apologised to the children and the headteacher has personally contacted all parents whose children were directly involved in the incident.’

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