Scandal-hit pastor Carl Lentz says he's 'sorry for his actions' and 'worried for his kids' on tense outing with his wife

SCANDAL-HIT pastor Carl Lentz is "sorry" for his actions and admitted he is "worried" for his children after a tense breakfast outing with his wife, he exclusively told The Sun.

Justin Bieber's pastor also acknowledged the future is uncertain and he and his wife Laura appeared downcast during a tense 20-minute breakfast without their three children on Sunday.

The couple were seen walking holding hands back to their $3.5million LA mansion with their two dogs at the same time their former church, Hillsong in New York, where they were lead pastors, was live streaming its latest service.

Speaking to The Sun, Bieber’s former religious mentor said he and his Australian-born wife, married for 17 years, are now “focusing on their healing" adding he was "sorry" for causing the scandal that has engulfed his family and Hillsong.

Lentz apologized for putting himself and his family under the spotlight because of his alleged six-month affair with New York-based accessories designer, Ranin Karim, 34, and said he and his wife are worried for the welfare of their three children, aged between 11 and 16.

The 42 year old, who has admitted being unfaithful to his wife in an Instagram post on November 5th a day after he was sacked, told us: “I’m sorry to have created these circumstances. We’re worried about the children and the attention on them.”

Asked what he and his wife’s plans are now the family has relocated to LA, he said: “I just can’t make any comment on the future.”

Laura, 40, mother of Carl's three children – Ava, 16, Charlie, 14, and Roman, 11, – kept her head bowed and declined to speak about how she is coping with the fallout caused by her husband’s infidelity.

Carl and his wife left their five-bed, 4,000 sq ft-home with their two dogs to go for a walk on Sunday morning.

They headed towards a beach before changing their minds and opting to have a 20-minute breakfast at a cafe one block from the ocean.

There they chatted as they ate but Laura never managed to raise a smile and the couple did not kiss or hug. Carl opted for a Coke Zero over a morning coffee.

They also made sure they socially distanced and sat at an outdoor table well away from other diners.

Carl was wearing a long-sleeved Nike top featuring an image of slain rapper Nipsey Hussle.

They stopped and talked to other dog owners as they walked back towards their new home along their local high street.

The Sun also exclusively revealed that the pair will not be divorcing despite the scandal and that Carl is determined to build a new life for his family and a new career for himself  in Los Angeles.

The Sun exclusively spoke to Ranin about dating the married church leader before their emotional breakup just days before the news broke.

Ranin spoke to Good Morning America on Friday saying she was "devastated" by the end of their affair and she never intended to hurt Lentz's wife.

She said: "I feel bad for her. Woman to woman, I don’t think she deserved to be hurt the way that she did. I never meant to hurt her.”

However, since Hillsong launched an investigation into his behavior, an insider has also told The Sun that more affairs have allegedly been exposed.

The couple have also been dropped by their A-list pals such as Justin and Hailey Bieber who have both unfollowed Lentz and his wife on social media. 

The Sun also reported that Laura has stopped wearing her wedding ring when she went to a tanning salon on Friday night.

In his November 5th Instagram post, Carl wrote: "I was unfaithful in my marriage, the most important relationship in my life and held accountable for that."

The hipster pastor was formally sacked by Hillsong, a church founded in Australia, for a “revelation of moral failures,” according to a statement sent to church members on November 4th.

Hillsong founder and senior pastor, Brian Houston, said the church was “very sad” to inform that Lentz’s employment had been terminated.


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