Pub manager fears 'ghost Lady Lansdowne' will scare off staff

Wines and spirits! Pub manager fears ‘ghost Lady Lansdowne’ will scare off staff as spooky footage shows chair moving ‘by itself’ and chalkboard randomly swinging

  • Hayley Budd, 33, scrolls through phone and spots chair tuck itself under table
  • The pub manager looks under the table in an effort to find out who the culprit is
  • She fears the resident ghost will scare off staff at The Lansdowne Pub in Cardiff

A pub manager fears the venue’s resident ‘ghost’ may leave employees too scared to come into work and see her short staffed following a series of eerie incidents.

Hayley Budd, 33, who has worked at The Lansdowne Pub in Cardiff for eight years, said the spook, dubbed by regulars as ‘Lady Lansdowne’, had ‘never done anything that was a cause for concern’ but ‘clearly wanted to make herself known.’

It comes as CCTV footage emerged of a chair mysteriously tucking itself in under the table and a chalkboard apparently swinging on its own at the pub in front of punters.

During the most recent encounter, the mother-of-three was scrolling through her phone during her break when she spotted a chair apparently moving on its own at around 7.30pm on July 26.

Hayley Budd, 33, scrolls though her phone when she notices the chair opposite her tucking itself under the table at The Lansdowne Pub in Cardiff 

The pub manager looks around to see who the culprit is before taking a look under the table at around 7.30pm on July 26

Footage shows the pub manager looking around to see who the culprit is before she checks underneath the table. 

Ms Budd, from Cardiff, said: ‘I wasn’t looking at the chair, I was looking at my phone but I saw it out of the corner of my eye.

‘I heard it as well so I asked a customer if they had seen anything and they’d also heard the noise.

‘I always try to find the most logical explanation so in the video you can see me looking to see if it was something in my bag that had moved then I was trying to tell myself that maybe it was the wind.

‘I’ve tried to recreate it so many times but there’s no logical explanation. I checked the CCTV to make sure I hadn’t been imagining it.

‘I wasn’t frightened enough to quit my job and run out of there but I was really shocked.

‘I wasn’t expecting to see that at all. I don’t frighten easily so I still sit at that table on my breaks.’

During another eerie encounter, footage shows a member of staff looking perplexed as a chalkboard appears to start swinging of its own accord. 

A member of staff looks perplexed as a chalkboard inside the pub begins to swing from left to right

Hayley Budd (pictured), who has worked at The Lansdowne Pub in Cardiff for eight years, said the spook, dubbed by regulars as ‘Lady Lansdowne’,  had ‘never done anything that was a cause for concern’

The manager of aThe Lansdowne Pub (pictured) fears the eerie encounters will scare off her staff

Ms Budd continued: ‘Weird things do happen but nothing quite as blatant and obvious as this.

‘There’s a long-term rumour among the regulars about a woman haunting the pub and people who live in the flats above the pub say there’s strange goings on up there.

‘When I close the pub and there’s no customers, I’ll go into the cellar to do paperwork or change a barrel and it sounds like there’s furniture moving upstairs but when I go up, everything is as I left it.

‘It’s just so weird that it was a chair that moved when I always hear furniture moving.

‘I’m not scared just because I’ve worked here for eight years and she’s never done anything that’s a cause for concern.

‘She clearly just wants to make herself known.’ 

Although Ms Budd is not concerned by the presence of an apparent ghost, she said that some of the staff have threatened to leave if they ever come into contact with it.

She added: ‘One girl who works here thought she’d bumped into another member of staff but when she turned around, he wasn’t there.

‘Nobody has ever physically seen her standing in front of them but a couple of weeks ago, the chalk board started randomly swinging.

‘A lot of the staff have said that if anything like that happens when they’re there then they’ll go home so I hope Lady Lansdowne takes that into consideration because I don’t want to be short staffed.’

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