Popeyes employee destroys restaurant after 'not being paid for MONTH'

Popping off! Raging Popeyes employee completely trashes Chicago restaurant throwing raw chicken on the floor and pushing over shelves after allegedly not getting paid for a MONTH

  • A Popeyes employee flew into a frenzy after allegedly not being paid for a month 
  • The staffer flung raw chicken across the floor and emptied the cash register 
  • Viewers were left divided over whether the rampage was an overreaction
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A Popeyes employee flew into a frenzy and ransacked the restaurant after allegedly not being paid for a month’s work. 

In a viral video posted to TikTok, the unidentified staffer furiously sliced open bags of raw chicken and threw unused food across the kitchen in a rage. 

The Chicago store was completely trashed by the employee, who emptied the cash register and slashed the phone wires to conclude his rampage. 

Over 101,000 people have viewed the clip since it was posted Wednesday, with many torn over whether the vicious tirade was an overreaction to going unpaid or not. 

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The video, titled ‘This is what happens when you don’t get paid for a month’, opened with the man slicing open a bag of chicken over a pile of raw meat on the floor. 

After emptying the chicken and spreading it across the back of the restaurant, he moves onto boxes of fries and tips them over the tiled floor as well. 

In a separate scene, a puddle of what appears to be cracked eggs is emptied from a plastic tub, next to a huge mess of food and toppled carts. 

Unused buns, mounds of raw chicken and discarded boxes are seen, while the TikTok poster can be heard screaming in the background at the stunning mess. 

‘What in the actual f***’ she exclaimed. 

The footage ends with snippets of cut phone lines and emptied cash registers, with the TikTok clip noting: ‘At least he got his money.’ 

‘My job so ghetto’ added the viral video’s poster, who appears to be the furious employee’s co-worker. 

The viral clip begins with the furious employee opening bags of raw chicken onto the floor

A huge mess of chicken, buns and toppled carts was left by the raging employee

The unpaid staffer emptied the cash register at the end of the video 

TikTok users were quick to offer their thoughts on the rampage, with many divided over whether they would have a similar reaction to being denied their wages. 

‘Who sticks around for a month without pay?’ questioned one person. ‘First missed check and I’m gone… and of course, he’s a destructive animal’. 

‘Now he’s got to pay for the damages’, commented another, who branded the situation ‘crazy’. 

Plenty of viewers seemed to agree that the frenzy was ultimately not worth the satisfaction. 

‘I understand his anger, but now he definitely isn’t getting paid,’ said a third. ‘This is a corporation, he could’ve sued and got a nice settlement check.’ 

It is unclear which of the popular fast-food franchise’s 2600 branches was attacked, nor if any police report was filed following the incident. 

The Chicago Police Department and Popeyes did not immediately respond when contacted by DailyMail.com. 

The video poster, who goes by @itsrah26 on TikTok, appeared to be the furious employee’s co-worker

It is unclear which of the Popeyes 2600 US branches was hit by the rampage

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