'Pipe down': Piers tells Harry and Meghan people 'sick of yapping'

‘Pipe down’: Piers Morgan tells Harry and Meghan people are ‘sick of their yapping’, warns Biden isn’t tough enough on China and Russia and that America misses Trump’s ‘forceful personality that cuts through the bureaucracy’

  • Piers Morgan, Editor-at-Large of DailyMail.com, appeared on Fox on Monday
  • The British broadcaster said the past week at the G7 the Royal Family’s duty
  • He praised the Queen for her ‘remarkable’ service to the country
  • Morgan said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should renounce their titles
  • ‘Meghan and Harry don’t even understand the concept of duty,’ he said
  • He urged them to ‘pipe down’ and stop ‘yapping and whining’ from Los Angeles
  • Morgan said the G7 also showed the sharp contrast between Biden and Trump
  • He said he missed Trump’s theatrics and worried about Biden’s calm approach 

Piers Morgan has warned Harry and Meghan that the public are ‘sick of their yapping’ and said they ‘can’t have their royal cake and eat it’ as the couple  sign lucrative media deals and give high profile interviews, while demanding privacy. 

Morgan, Editor-at-Large of DailyMail.com, appeared on Fox News’ Hannity show on Monday where he laid into the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for ‘trading’ their titles in for ‘hundreds of millions of dollars’ in deals with Spotify and Netflix.

‘These two want to have the royal cake and eat it,’ he told host Sean Hannity.

Morgan said people were tired of hearing the wealthy royals complain about their privileged lives after their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey – which the Queen, Prince Charles, as well as William and Kate are still reeling from.

‘I think it’s time those two gave up their titles, stopped whining 24/7, and tried to take a leaf out the book of the Queen,’ he said.

‘Take a little tip from the Queen: less is more.

‘And if you want to be a royal, a member of the royal family, less is more.

‘We are hearing too much of your yapping, too much of your whining, it’s time to pipe down.’  

Piers Morgan, Editor-at-Large of DailyMail.com, appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show on Monday night. The British journalist, who famously left his job in March in a row about Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, said he stood by his criticism of the pair

Morgan was host of Good Morning Britain until Harry and Meghan’s March 7 interview with Winfrey. He said he did not believe Meghan Markle’s claims about her treatment from the Royal family, and amid the ensuing row he left the show

Morgan said that the Queen had done a ‘remarkable’ job over the past week, while the G7 summit was hosted by the United Kingdom. He said her sense of duty stood in sharp contrast to Harry and Meghan’s attitude. The Queen is seen on June 11 with Joe and Jill Biden

He explained that last week’s G7 summit brought the contrast between Harry and Meghan and the Queen into sharp focus – noting that the British monarch carried out her duty, while her grandson and his wife were 5,000 miles away in California. 

‘She is a remarkable person who puts duty first,’ said Morgan, speaking on Monday night to Fox News.

‘And it seems to me that Meghan and Harry don’t even understand the concept of duty. 

‘It is rankly hypocritical, it sticks in people’s gullets over here.’ 

The couple’s latest row involves the naming of their daughter Lilibet – the Queen’s nickname.

They insist they consulted the Queen; the BBC reported that palace sources told them that that was not the case. Harry and Meghan have claimed through their lawyers that that is false and defamatory. 

That disagreement comes as Harry promotes his Apple TV series with Oprah Winfrey, and a few months after Meghan published a book on parenthood.

Morgan, who is currently weighing up his next move after leaving Good Morning Britain in March, said that he thought Biden’s approach at the G7 – keeping calm – was not perhaps enough, when faced with complex problems involving China and Russia

Biden is seen with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Queen on June 11. Morgan said Biden appeared to emphasize calm, above all else – and questioned whether it was a workable strategy

Biden is seen with the Queen at Windsor Castle on June 13, before they met for tea

The broadcaster and journalist was asked for his assessment of Joe Biden’s performance at the G7, which was held in Cornwall, on the southern British coast.

Morgan said that Biden was seen as a sharp contrast to his predecessor – but that that wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

‘The perception of Biden is that it was all fine,’ he told Sean Hannity. 

‘It wasn’t this noise and chaos and unpredictability of a President Trump visit, which I rather miss, enlivening these gatherings where everyone gets together and says boring platitudes.

‘I think there’s also a wider issue about President Biden, in that I think he sees his job, his role, to calm everything down as if somehow that’s enough – and I don’t think it is. 

‘And when dealing with China and Russia, NATO, every issue out there from the pandemic to climate change, whatever – I’m not sure people want a calm America that isn’t taking dynamic, proactive action.’ 

Morgan said that Donald Trump, who he knows personally from his 2007 appearance on The Apprentice, had not got ‘enough credit’ for taking a hard line on China, and holding NATO members to their agreed financial contributions.

‘What I did like about him was his forceful personality enabling him to cut through the bureaucracy and cut to the quick about issues – and NATO was a good example.

‘Everybody knows that most NATO countries don’t pay their bills, we know that because Donald Trump shone a light on that inequity, in that it was unfair that America should carry that for so many underpaying European countries.

‘He was absolutely right about that.

‘He was also right about the threat of China. Go back two or three years and Joe Biden doesn’t think China is a threat. Suddenly he does.

‘Donald Trump has been calling out China for 30 years to my certain knowledge.

‘So there were also things I felt Donald Trump didn’t get enough credit for.’ 

The British journalist said that Biden was given an easy ride by the press. 

‘I don’t think he is held to the same account by the media in America that Donald Trump was,’ said Morgan. 

‘And I think it is a plain and obvious fact, and that is not good for the U.S. media.

‘You should be unafraid to hold your own liberal Democrat president to the same ferocious account that you held Donald Trump. 

‘Otherwise, you are just as biased as I always see them saying Fox News is.’ 

Morgan said that Biden, pictured on Monday at the NATO summit in Brussels, was being given an easy time by the U.S. media and urged the press to hold him to account as much as they did Trump

Donald Trump is pictured in December 2019, with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and an unimpressed-looking Macron and Merkel. Morgan said he missed Trump’s theatrics

Hannity asked Morgan what his next step was going to be, after he dramatically parted ways with Good Morning Britain in March, amid a row over Harry and Meghan’s interview with Winfrey.

On March 8 – the morning after the interview aired in the U.S. – Morgan said he ‘didn’t believe a word’ the duchess had told Winfrey about her mental health and the way ‘The Firm’ treated her.

William was said to be devastated that their private discussions were so publicly shared – in particular as Meghan accused Kate of making her cry before her wedding.

Charles was reportedly furious at the attack on the monarchy, and the allegations of racism. He was said to be ‘at a loss’ over Harry and Meghan’s decision to do the interview, Vanity Fair reported.  

‘He will not be drawn into it, but it’s fair to say he is surprised and very disappointed by what has been said. He didn’t watch the interview, but of course he’s heard what has been said. He feels let down by them both,’ said a longtime friend of the prince’s, who also added: ‘There is not a racist bone in his body and to suggest otherwise is very hurtful.’ 

Meghan’s comments about race and her suggestion that Archie was not made a prince because of his skin color – rather than the pre-existing hierarchy – were said to be particularly painful.  

‘I find it hard to see how they can come back from this. William is angry and upset, and he will bear a grudge for a very long time that Meghan has dragged Catherine into all of this,’ said a friend. 

Morgan spoke of his disbelief of Meghan and Harry’s claims, and parted ways with the show. 

An ITV spokesperson said: ‘Following discussions with ITV, Piers Morgan has decided now is the time to leave Good Morning Britain. ITV has accepted this decision and has nothing further to add.’

In a tweet on March 10, Morgan said that he had reflected on his opinion on the Winfrey interview and still did not believe Meghan, adding that ‘freedom of speech is a hill I’m happy to die on’.

Morgan told Hannity that he felt vindicated, after she was found to have lied about at least 17 different issues. 

‘It is a farcical situation and of course, as with all of these situations at the moment, the cancel culture, Twitter mob come for you and say if you don’t believe Meghan Markle, you are a racist,’ he said.

‘To which I say I’ve never said a racist thing about Meghan Markle or anybody else.

‘It has nothing to do with her skin color and everything to do with her inability to tell the truth and her rank hypocrisy.’

Morgan added: ‘At the center of this is this epidemic of cancel culture, which is this very small but vocal group of illiberal liberals.

‘I called them the new fascists, who want to tell us how to lead our lives, how to speak, how to think, what to find funny, what we can enjoy on television and at the movies, what historical figures we can appreciate and not appreciate.

‘And if you deviate one iota from their woke worldview, you must be shamed, vilified and canceled.’ 

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