Photojournalist Shot in the Eye at Minneapolis Protest: ‘They’re Targeting Journalists’

As soon as Tirado arrived at the hospital, she was taken to surgery in hopes of saving her eye.

“They said that my eyeball actually nearly exploded. They said it was nearly separated in two, and so they did the surgery trying to put it back together, but there's no chance of restoring vision,” she says. “I might be able to see lights and shadows, but the surgery that they did was more cosmetic than anything.”

She planned on resting for a night, she says, but was determined to get back on the streets of Minneapolis despite her doctor’s orders — the eye she uses to take photos still works.

“I'm going to keep reporting the story,” she says. “The doctors tell me that they will come and personally find me and hunt me down if I try to go out anymore, but that doesn't mean that the story doesn't get told and I can't work sources on the ground and things like that.”

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