Parents ‘starved and locked adopted son, 12, in foul-smelling room all day with a BUCKET as a toilet’ – The Sun

TWO parents are accused of starving and neglecting their young adopted son by locking him in his bedroom with only a pail to use as a bathroom.

Police began investigating Marvin Reynolds and Laura Reynolds after their 12-year-old son allegedly ran away from home on Tuesday in Kentucky and was found by emergency workers.

The Reynolds didn't report their son missing until three and a half hours after he left, according to an arrest warrant obtained by the News-Democrat & Leader.

The preteen had allegedly been living in squalid conditions – he was often locked in his room all day with no access to a bathroom, and had only 2×4 lumber nailed to his only window.

The 12-year-old's brothers, who also live in the home, allegedly told police their brother is locked in his room all day and only given a five-gallon bucket to use as a toilet, the warrant said.

The abused child was fed just once a day, they added.

Other family members allegedly told authorities the boy has been "treated like an animal" since he was adopted by the couple at only five years old.

Further investigation by local authorities revealed the stench of urine and feces in the child's bedroom, according to the warrant.

Only a single twin mattress – with no box spring or bed frame – was inside the room.

The Reynolds reportedly told deputies that the putrid smell was caused by their son using the bathroom on the floor.

The wood floor of their son's room was heavily stained – but it was because they removed carpet that was previously there after he had soiled it.

They also told authorities they boarded his windows in plywood because he tried to leave their home, but the boy ripped it off and destroyed his room, according to a police report.

A police investigation showed evidence of malnourishing, neglecting, and unlawfully imprisoning their son inside his bedroom, deputies said.

The Reynolds were arrested and booked at the Logan County Detention Center.

Both faced charges of criminal abuse, unlawful imprisonment, and wanton endangerment, but were released after posting $10,000 bond each on Thursday.

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