Parents 'falsely claiming to be key workers' to get children into school during Covid lockdown

PARENTS are being accused of falsely claiming to be key workers to get their kids into school during lockdown.

Mums and dads inundated Our Lady’s Bishop Eton School in Liverpool with complaints after spotting kids allegedly from families with no key workers at school during a video lesson.

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The school also said it had been "overwhelmed" with applications for on-site learning throughout the lockdown, which saw learning moved online for everyone apart from children of key workers and vulnerable kids.

It comes as one headteachers' union reported 70 per cent of their pupils' families had requested on-site teaching. – much higher than in the initial lockdown.

NAHT general secretary Paul Whiteman said: "We’re increasingly concerned about the sheer demand for key worker and vulnerable pupil places this week.

"Our members are telling us that demand for places is much higher than it was during the first lockdown last spring.

"We’ve heard stories of some schools having 50 to 70 per cent.

"This could seriously undermine the impact of lockdown measures, and may even run the risk of extending school closures."

Our Lady’s Bishop Eton School told the Liverpool Echo that they had verified key worker status by consulting with local authorities and asking a rigorous set of questions on application forms.

A letter to students' families said: "We can do no more," adding the situation was further complicated by parents who made the initial complaints refusing to elaborate and provide further details.

Under the fresh lockdown, vulnerable children and kids of key workers are allowed to attend school in person – but everyone else must learn remotely.

Only one parent needs to be a key worker for a child to attend school, and those without access to the appropriate technology can also learn on-site, Ministers confirmed in the Commons yesterday.

It comes as Boris Johnson refused to guarantee that all kids will be back in school before the summer holidays.

In a startling move, the PM only said he “hopes” schools will reopen in the spring once the Covid vaccination programme is well under way.

Speaking at a press conference Tuesday he said: "On whether we can be absolutely sure schools can reopen – we think that with the vaccination programme we can do a huge amount to take the most vulnerable out of the path of this virus.

“That offers opportunities to do things differently.”

The PM said he is full of “optimism and fundamental hope” that he can start to lift the brutal lockdown by the spring.

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