Paedophile jogger who groped teenage girls is jailed for three years

Paedophile jogger, 31, who groped teenage girls before smirking at them as he ran away is jailed for more than three years

  • Jogger Simon Murawski, 31, groped the teenage girls’ bottoms as he ran past
  • He smirked at victims, two 15-year-olds and girls aged 18, 17, and 16 as he fled
  • Murawski, of Aigburth, Merseyside, claimed he was ‘seeking an adrenaline rush’
  • The paedophile was jailed for more than three years at Liverpool Crown Court

A paedophile who groped five teenage girls’ bottoms while jogging has been jailed – two years after he was spared prison for possession of a stash of child pornography.  

Simon Murawski grabbed the young women’s behinds and smirked at his traumatised victims as he ran away.

The 31-year-old claimed he didn’t do it for sexual pleasure and was ‘playing a game and seeking an adrenaline rush’.  

Murawski, of Sandhurst Street, Aigburth, Merseyside, was spared jail in 2018 after he was caught with a stash of child sex abuse images.

Yet just over a year later he started targeting teenage victims when out running near his mum’s home in Warrington.

Simon Murawski, 31, of Aigburth, Merseyside, was jailed at Liverpool Crown Court for three years for groping five teenage girls bottoms. He was sentened to another four months for breaching a community order he was given in 2018 for posessing child sex abuse images

A court heard it was ‘gravely concerning’ that his behaviour escalated to the ‘predatory’ attacks earlier this year. 

Liverpool Crown Court heard Murawski targeted an 18-year-old woman in Stockton Heath, at 11am, on January 2.

Anna Price, prosecuting, said the victim was walking alone when he grabbed her buttocks, then jogged off without saying a word.

Ms Price said: ‘She was upset and angry that her sense of safety in the area where she grew up had been damaged and she felt violated.’

Minutes later, smirking Murawski grabbed the bottom of a 17-year-old girl, just before the victim’s mum arrived in her car.

They followed the jogger and her mum confronted him outside Broomfields Leisure Centre, but he denied doing anything.

The ‘very upset’ victim no longer likes to walk outside alone, instead asks for lifts from family, and has suffered nightmares.

Murawski struck again at midday on January 5, groping the buttocks of a 16-year-old girl, who was walking along with two friends.

The shocked group of girls all described Murawski smirking and later picked him out in an identity parade.

Simon Murawski grabbed the young women’s behinds as he ran along and smirked at his traumatised victims as he ran away. His victims were two 15-year-old girls and young women aged 18, 17 and 16

That same month Cheshire Police released a CCTV image of the suspect and appealed for information.

However, Murawski – who was staying with his mum in the Appleton area – returned home to Liverpool on January 8.

He then went on holiday to Italy with his mum, but failed to tell the police, in breach of his notification requirements as a sex offender.

Murawski, who lied to an officer on the phone by claiming he had reported his travel plans, returned to Appleton on March 28.

Five days later, at 5.50pm on April 1, he squeezed the bottom of a 15-year-old girl.

Ms Price said: ‘She said what scared her most was the man looked so normal and appeared to act in a way he felt was normal.’

Murawski groped another 15-year-old girl, who was out with her mum walking their dog at 7pm on April 8.

The girl was also left anxious about going out on her own, until she heard he had been arrested.

The next day an officer out looking for the jogger spotted and arrested Murawski, whose home was searched, when a small bag of cannabis was found.

He gave two ‘no comment’ interviews before denying responsibility in a third interview.

Murawski denied two counts of sexual assault – claiming he had been misidentified – in a four-day trial.

He was convicted by a jury and later pleaded guilty to a further three counts of sexual assault.

Murawski denied two counts of sexual assault – claiming he had been misidentified – in a four-day trial at Liverpool Crown Court (pictured). He was convicted by a jury and later pleaded guilty to a further three counts of sexual assault

Murawski previously admitted failing to comply with his notification requirements and possessing cannabis.

He has one previous conviction for five offences of downloading and possessing indecent images of children, for which he received a two-year community order in November 2018, which he has now breached.

Murawski, who appeared via video link from HMP Liverpool, represented himself throughout the proceedings.

Judge David Swinnerton read out a Probation Service pre-sentence report, which Murawski hadn’t yet seen.

The author said Murawski claimed he was ‘playing a game and seeking an adrenaline rush’ and at the time didn’t realise the harm he was causing to the girls.

The report said the escalation in his offending, from looking at images to ‘contact offences’, was ‘gravely concerning’.

The author described Murawski as ‘an intelligent man with a wealth of skills’, but said he was ‘minimising’ the impact of his actions, had shown ‘predatory behaviours’ and was ‘a high risk of serious harm to children’.

Murawski told the court he was ‘deeply sorry’ for what he put his victims through, adding: ‘I didn’t realise the damage that I was doing.’

Judge Swinnerton said: ‘You’re plainly an intelligent man, but you’re unable to control your sexual urges.’

Murawski disagreed and claimed: ‘This was a stupid thing that I was doing, but I don’t really think it was even sexual.’

However, he said he wanted to get help from a Horizon sex offender treatment programme and turn his life around.

Judge Swinnerton said Murawski ‘didn’t give any thought whatsoever’ to his victims’ feelings and was only interested in satisfying his ‘sexual urges and impulses’.

He said: ‘You have destroyed their confidence and feeling of safety in being able to walk around their own town.’

The judge said Murawski took an increased risk by attacking one victim in front of her mum ‘for your own sexual thrill’.

He described it as ‘sexually predatory behaviour’ and said: ‘They were vulnerable to you, that’s why you picked on them.’

Judge Swinnerton agreed the escalation in his offending was ‘deeply concerning’ and said he hoped Murawski would take the Horizon course in prison, adding: ‘You should try to deal with the dark side of your nature.’

He jailed him for three years for the new offences, then revoked his community order and re-sentenced him for the indecent images, imposing a further four months behind bars.

The judge said Murawski must sign on the Sex Offenders Register for the rest of his life.

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