OnlyFans model savaged by Trump fans after saying she is 'praying for change' in US election

AN OnlyFans star has been trolled by Trump supporters after she said she is "praying for change" in the US election.

Jem Wolfie, 29, who shared a snap of her in a bikini with the stars and stripes prints across it pledged her support to Biden as US election hangs in the balance.

The Australian model who lives in Perth found herself in the firing line of furious Republicans threatening to unfollow her.

"America. I'm praying for you and I'm hoping for a positive change," she wrote.

"Your country has been through a lot this year. I miss you all so much and it sucks I was not able to visit in 2020. 

"I'll always have a huge place in my heart for you and I only have the best memories with you."

One follower replied: "Are you a Biden supporter? If so, I will unsubscribe", to which Jem replied: "F**k off then".

Another wrote: "Biden will destroy America and if you support that I have no use for you."

"I absolutely hate your liberal views but hot damn you are goregous," said another.

Your country has been through a lot this year. I miss you all so much and it sucks I was not able to visit in 2020.

Despite being bombarded with hate-filled messages, Jem hit back, claiming it was "not a political post".

"It's just me showing my love for America. Don't post your votes below I literally don't care" she replied.

Jem has spoken out about how she has made millions from selling subscriptions to view raunchy photos, claiming she can make up to £16,000 ($30,000 AUS dollars) in one day.

She recently shared a clip of her racing around in a new blue Porsche 718 GTS, which have a £54,000 price tag.

The model left school to work 70 hours a week as a chef before she became competitive basketball player with the Western Australia Basketball League (WABL).

Her love for America is down to having several family members there and she made her first trip when she was 15 with her mum.

It's not the first time she has waded into political and ethical arguments with her Instagram followers.

When AFL players were allowed to travel to to play, she kicked off on social media:

“Most states in Australia have travel bans and only allow essential workers to travel or those going to funerals,” she said to her Instagram followers.

“Boys who get paid to play with balls get exempt from these restrictions. Why is no one talking about this?

“AFL you’re NOT essential and you’re not special.”


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