Mum-of-six bleeds to death just two days after giving birth to triplets

A MUM-of-six bled to death in hospital just two days after giving birth to triplets.

Camila Cassimiro da Conceicao, 26, who had given birth to three healthy babies, was rushed to intensive care after she began haemorrhaging.

She had made headlines in her native Brazil because the triplets arrived after two previous pregnancies which ended in her having first one child and then twins.

She was pictured with newborns Vitoria, Breno and Valentina after her Caesarian on Tuesday afternoon at a hospital in the city of Itajai in the southern state of Santa Catarina.

But husband Jose’s joy soon turned to worry after Camila suffered haemorrhaging and was admitted to intensive care in a serious condition following surgery.

Tragically, Marieta Konder Bornhausen Hospital confirmed today she had not survived her op.

Silvana Marinho, commenting on the tragedy, said: “It’s so difficult to see children lose their mother at such a young age. My heart goes out to the family. This is so sad.

It said in a statement: “Camila gave birth to triplets in a Caesarian that occurred without incident.

“In the immediate aftermath, she suffered haemorrhagic complications which required further emergency surgery.

“Due to the severity of the case, the patient was transferred to the intensive care unit, suffering a worsening of her condition which unfortunately concluded with her death.

“We are in solidarity with the grieving family and are providing them with all our support.”

The triplets, born after 36 weeks, did not even need to be taken to a neo-natal high-dependency unit as is normal in multiple births, and are said to be doing fine.

It was the first time this year triplets had been born at the hospital.

After a tribute was shared on Facebook one person wrote:“It’s so difficult to see children lose their mother at such a young age.”

Another added: “My heart goes out to the family. This is so sad.”

The doctors who delivered the triplets have been named as Thatyane Zanata and Debora Cristina Siqueira.

An internal investigation is thought to be underway.

It was not immediately clear today if the triplets are still in hospital or are now back at home with their father. He has yet to make any comment.


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