Moment man KICKS teen girl in face for not wearing mask on bus

THIS is the moment a man kicks a teenage girl in the face for not wearing a mask on the bus.

The man and his partner had been arguing with the young woman sat near them for not having a face covering, before he struck out with his leg as they left.

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They had been exchanging furious words with the girl about the danger of coronavirus, thought to be 16, on Thursday in Birmingham.

The man was filmed shouting at the youngster: "All I’m saying is put your mask on!

"I’m not being racist but the virus is more common in Black and Asians. Put your f***ing mask on.” 

The teenage girl tries to argue her case, before the middle-aged woman shouts: "Why do I have to come on the bus and put up with you sitting next to us with no mask on."

All three continue to argue as the teenage is chastised for putting people in danger, before the woman shouts: "If you weren't sixteen years old I would knock you the f*** out."

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The teenager points out another woman on the bus without a mask on, not being targeted by the couple.

Other passengers tell them to calm down and tell the pair to stop arguing with a teenager.

Eventually they are told to get off the bus, but as they leave the man turns and shoves his foot at the teen's face.


She shouts: "Oh no, you didn't just do that."

Another passenger comes rushing forward and pushes the man to the ground, yelling: "What are you doing you piece of s**t, I will f***ing murder you."

He then appears to stamp on the man’s head before shoving the couple off the vehicle.  

The Sun Online has gone to West Midlands Police.

It comes after we told how the Army is on standby to help carry out emergency door-to-door in Birmingham amid a surge in infections.

Coronavirus cases in the city hit 107.6 per 100,000 people asnew restrictions on households mixing were rolled out in a local lockdown.

Birmingham City Council and the Ministry of Defence were expected to finalise the deal this week, reports The Birmingham Mail.

Soldiers will be drafted in to help assist the council's "drop-and-collect" door-to-door testing service.

New restrictions were introduced in Birmingham on September 15 as separate households were banned from meeting in homes and gardens.



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