Moment DIY dentist pulls out his wife's tooth with PLIERS

Open wide and say argh! Moment DIY dentist pulls out his wife’s tooth with PLIERS after she was denied an emergency appointment

  • Paul Cutting, 71, extracted his partner’s aching tooth with pliers at their home
  • He performed the dentistry procedure after Karen was denied an appointment
  • Karen was given a couple of rum and cokes beforehand to deal with the pain
  • The eye-wincing footage shows Paul pulling her tooth out with one mighty yank
  • Paul wouldn’t recommend others try it and only removed it as his wife was in pain
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

A DIY dentist was forced to pull out his wife’s tooth with pliers after she was denied an emergency dental appointment.

Stomach-churning footage shows Paul Cutting, 71, taking matters into his own hands to yank out partner Karen’s aching molar.

All routine NHS and private dentistry appointments have been scrapped amid the coronavirus pandemic. 


An Essex man used pliers to pull out his partner’s tooth after she was denied an appointment

 His partner was plied with a few alcoholic drinks and held by the couple’s housemate 

NHS England is setting up urgent care hubs but has faced criticism over delays due to PPE shortages.

Mr Cutting, from Canvey Island, Essex, was told that his 56-year-old wife’s condition was not severe enough for an emergency referral after calls to his usual dentist went unanswered.

The retired engineer said he was left with no choice but to perform the dentistry procedure himself.

Mr Cutting, whose wife is profoundly deaf, said: ‘It was a desperation move – we couldn’t get an emergency dentist appointment and I didn’t want to take Karen to hospital.

‘It would be like putting your head in the lion’s mouth.

‘I could see how much pain she was in. Painkillers weren’t touching it and she couldn’t eat.

Paul Cutting, 71, managed to extract his partner Karen’s aching molar with one mighty yank

‘After a few sleepless nights, she asked me to take it out.

‘It was a little bit loose, so I told her I could do it as long as she could stand the pain.’

Paul performed the DIY extraction with the help of the couple’s housemate Janet – and a couple of alcoholic drinks.

He said: ‘I gave Karen a couple of rum and cokes, rubbed clove oil all over and pulled it out.

‘I was quite shocked it came out with one yank – it was like a Brazil nut.

‘Her face was swollen but it went down after a couple of hours.

‘She’s been fine ever since.’

Paul, who once pulled out his own tooth because of a morbid fear of dentists, warned others not to follow suit.

He said: ‘I did exactly the same thing once, so I knew how Karen would feel.

‘I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else unless it was needs must. I certainly wouldn’t do it to anyone else but I could see how much pain she was in.’

The British Dental Association (BDA) has warned of people with toothache taking ‘matters into their own hands’ during the coronavirus lockdown.

Paul (pictured right with Karen) said he wouldn’t recommend anyone taking similar action

NHS England is rolling out urgent care centres but a lack of PPE has meant some hubs remain inactive.

The BDA said a third of sites remained closed.

Chairman Mick Armstrong said: ‘In many areas PPE shortages are preventing an urgent care system getting off the ground.

‘Staff lack vital protection, and it’s left our patients with few options.

‘Until officials sort this out it’s inevitable we’ll see more people reaching for the pliers.’

An NHS spokesperson added: ‘All dental practices were asked to work with regional teams to set up Urgent Dental Care hubs and more than 200 of these hubs are already open so people can get the dental care they need.’

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