Mom was getaway driver for tattooed freak son when he ‘abducted, drugged & sexually assaulted woman in filthy camper’ – The Sun

A TATTOOED freak with whole body inkings is behind bars after a woman alleges he abducted, drugged and sexually assaulted her in filthy camper van driven by his own mom.

Efthimios Michael Zachary Mikedis, 28, then left the victim stranded in a Florida supermarket parking lot, according to police.

The victim told Orlando Police that Mikedis, known as Zak, offered to give her a ride from Orange County, Florida, to her aunt’s home in Marion County in January this year.

Mikedis arrived at the victim’s home in a van driven by his mother, Shannon James, with second male, Robert McDaniel, also in the vehicle as well.

The victim observed what appeared to be a gun in Mikedis waistband and told police he was a man you would be “instantly be scared of.”

She then told Mikedis she did not want to go with him, but was told her she had to.

Marion County Sheriff's Office said in a statement: "Once the victim was in the vehicle, Mikedis forced an unknown substance into her mouth and forced her to slide between the seats, forcing her to remain down when she attempted to sit up.

"The victim was transported to a residence, where she was led into a camper on the back of the property.

"The victim began blacking out, and believed she was on the verge of unconsciousness."

While in the camper, the victim claimed she was sexually battered by Mikedis, as well as a secondary object being used to sexually batter her.

She recalled Mikedis saying “Go, go,” and a second person also sexually battering her.

The police statement added: "When the victim woke up she attempted to call an Uber, but before she was able to Mikedis woke up and forced another unknown substance into her mouth."

As the victim began hallucinating due to the unknown substance, she said Mikedis began burning her hair with a cigarette, held a pair of scissors to her throat and dragging her across the property by her hair.

She was again forced into the vehicle and driven by his mother to a Winn Dixie parking lot where she was forced out of the car and stranded.

Detective Jessica Galler arrested Mikedis on Wednesday, April 29, on one count of Sexual Battery.

Mikedis is being held in the Marion County Jail.

Meanwhile, police have released an image following an incident where a girl was seen getting into a van — amid fears she might have been kidnapped.

Last month police were called to reports that a girl had potentially been abducted on Birch Road, Wardle in Rochdale by offenders in a white van.

The month before, a woman was freed from a horror van "equipped with a cage" after she was allegedly kidnapped at knifepoint in Alabama.

Police footage showed armed cops surrounding the vehicle before dragging the terrified woman through its rear window following a wild police chase.

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