Mom-of-two ‘shoots dead her daughter, 9, in closet then kills herself in SWAT standoff’ – The Sun

A MOM-of-two fatally shot her daughter, nine, in a closet before killing herself during a nine-hour SWAT standoff, say Dallas police.

The body of Alexica Stevenson-Gates, 34, was found in the closet alongside Miloni Metoyer's remains, according to cops investigating the horrific murder-suicide.

The Dallas Police Department said that on May 18 it "responded to a domestic violence call.

"The outcome ended tragically when a mother decided to kill her young daughter before turning the gun on herself."

Local station WFAA reported that Alexica and her husband had been drinking, and were arguing, according to detectives.

It's alleged that she chased him outside and fired a handgun at him multiple times.

After receiving the 911 call to Highcrest Drive about an "active shooter", cops rushed to the property.

Once there, "officers met with a male who stated his wife chased him out of the house and fired a handgun at him multiple times," the force added.

That man told cops his wife, Alexica Stevenson-Gates, was in the home with her nine-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son. 

"The Family Violence Unit and Dallas SWAT were contacted. 

"SWAT arrived and negotiated the release of the 12-year-old son," the department explained.

Then, "after several hours of no contact, SWAT entered the house and encountered gunfire from Stevenson-Gates who was barricaded in a closet with her daughter. 

"Two SWAT officers were struck by gunfire. 

"It was later discovered that Stevenson-Gates was found in the closet deceased from a self-inflicted gunshot."

Miloni Metoyer's body was discovered alongside her mom's remains.

Alexica's ex-husband, Noland Metoyer – the dead girl's dad – told Dallas News that she was known for acting aggressively towards family.

This information appears to be backed by court documents, which say the mom had been charged at least twice for assault in Dallas County.

Fifteen years ago, in 2005, she had to go to anger management classes, court documents show.

A more recent affidavit, from 2014, says Alexica was charged with assault causing injury to a family member.

This was after an alleged fight with her boyfriend resulted in him being scratched on his face and neck, the affidavit adds.

But, both cases were later dropped.

Noland Metoyer said on Facebook: "R.I.P. to my beautiful daughter Miloni Metoyer…12/06/10 to 5/18/20…. Thank you for the best years of my life."

The shocked dad told Dallas News: "I just can't believe it.

"I don't even want to think about the last thing Miloni was thinking."

The couple split after their daughter was born in 2010, but he was still in contact with his ex.

Tragically, the dad last saw Miloni four months ago, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: "Miloni was always happy to see me, and she always smiled."

As Noland is the legal father of the 12-year-old boy, he is travelling from New Orleans to collect and look after him.

Although he is listed on the boy's birth certificate, his biological dad actually died while Alexica was pregnant with him.

But, Noland said the boy needs family to support him.

Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall said: "We are fighting a pandemic.

"We are trying to stay alive, but then we kill each other.

"It’s absurd. And I want the community to be more outraged about that."

Child Protective Services said there was no history of child abuse allegations involving Miloni or the 12-year-old boy.

CPS has confirmed that the boy would be released to be cared for by a family member.

Dallas Police said that a preliminary probe by the Special Investigations Unit revealed no shots were fired by the SWAT team. 

The case is still under investigation.

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