Meghan Markle tells young girls to "drown out negative voices" in first major speech since Megxit

MEGHAN MARKLE has told young girls to "drown out negative voices" today in her first major speech since leaving the Royal Family.

"There will always be negative voices and sometimes those voices can appear to be outsized, and sometimes they can appear to be painfully loud," she said at the Girl Up Global Leadership Summit.

She delivered the comments at the online event that also included Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Priyanka Chopra as guest speakers.

"You can and will use your own voices to drown out the noise. Because that's what it is – just noise," she said.

"But your voices are those of truth. And hope. And your voices can and should be much louder.

"I will be cheering you on, so will my husband, so will Archie, as you all continue marching, advocating and leading the way forward."

Meghan also praised activism carried out by women across the world.

"Girl Up members are organising Black Lives Matter protests around the world, you are creating films to encourage your peers to become activist leaders… you are standing up and demanding to be heard, [and] you're also demanding to own the conversation," she said.

She said women needed to realise that those in power "depend on you more than you will ever depend on them".

"Another thing about those lawmakers and leaders and executives I mentioned earlier. Now many of them, better or worse, they don't listen until they have to because the status quo is easy to excuse and it's hard to break," she said.

"But it will pull tightest right before snapping."

Meghan and Prince Harry have signed with the same New York-based speaking agency that represents the Obamas.

Facebook's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg was also be a special guest as part of the summit which runs from July 13 to 15.

Meghan is currently staying in Hollywood producer Tyler Perry's $18 million mansion, where she has been spending lockdown with husband Prince Harry.

It is one of the first majorly publicised appearances from Meghan since a tumultuous Megxit.

Markle's comments come after her and Prince Harry were spotted hopping into a gas-guzzling SUV in Los Angeles last week.

The couple were seen wearing coronavirus face masks as they stepped out in Beverly Hills on Friday.

But the pair – who often lecture others on the need to fight climate change – were spotted hopping into their enormous £80,000 Cadillac Escalade.

The beast of a car, with its six-litre engine, has been dubbed in online reviews as being “as far from environmentally-friendly as you can get”, Mail Online reports.

Their one-year-old son, Archie, was not pictured with them.

The former Royals have previously been accused of hypocrisy over their repeated use of private jets while urging the public to watch their carbon footprint.

He gave a speech last year saying: “We could all do better.

“While no one is perfect, we all have a responsibility for our own individual impact.”

Harry responded to criticism by insisting he flies commercial “99 per cent of the time” and that he “offsets his CO2” whenever he is forced to fly privately to protect his family.

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