Medic 'sexually abused patient in fake scan after searching records for young women with private parts health issues'

A MEDICAL technician has been accused of targeting women with "potential health issues involving their private parts" to set up fake scans to sexually abuse them.

Ryan Williams, 39, is alleged to have set up a fake CT scan for a woman who had just had an X-ray earlier in the day.

He was the X-ray technician who saw the victim when she reported to the Mercy-Lincoln Hospital in Missouri on October 3 at her doctor's request, police said.

The woman went home after the X-ray but was phoned later that day by Williams who asked her to return to the hospital for another exam, Troy police said.

When she returned to the hospital 30 minutes later, Wiliams escorted her to the CT scan room and gave her gown.

Investigators said he had her lay on the table and lifted to gown, touched her breast while placing stickers during the scan.

Afterwards, Williams is alleged to have told the victim the doctor was worried she may have lymphoma.

When the victim called her doctor two days later, she was told there was no history of the scan.

She then also learned Williams had accessed her medical records from the hospital’s system.

Williams has been charged with sexual abuse and and invasion of privacy.

Troy Police Det Chris Voland said investigators found Williams had been searching hospital records for non-elderly adult women who had potential health issues involving their private parts, KTVI reported.

Voland said: "Basically, (he) used his authority from the hospital to gain information on the individuals."

Investigators fear there may be more woman who have been abused and are working with the hospital to identify potential victims.

The hospital issued a statement saying they have launched an internal investigation.

A spokesperson said: "The person is no longer employed with mercy. We contacted the patient, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and law enforcement.

"We continue to work with police on their investigation."

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