Man gets innocent elephant tattoo that looks VERY X-rated when he wears a pair of shorts

A MAN has got an innocent elephant tattoo that looks VERY X-rated when he wears a pair of shorts.

Posting on Reddit, a picture of a detailed and expertly-designed tattoo on a man's upper thigh had people in stitches.

But in another picture of the him with his shorts pulled down, the top half of the tattoo is cut off showing the just the trunk of the elephant – and which could be easily mistaken for something else.

The photo was captioned: "My colleague was super happy with his elephant tattoo until he put on a pair of shorts."

Reddit users were quick to poke fun at the blunder.

One user said: "I have a hard time believing he didn't know or think it through beforehand.

To which another replied: "You have far too much faith in the average human being to think that most of us bother with things like 'foresight'"

Another said: "Hope it's not false advertising or someone could be very disappointed."

"Those are some pretty short shorts, I think in normal clothes he’s be okay."

Another offered solutions: "The easiest solution is either longer shorts. However, my personal choice is NO shorts. Tough to decipher my ambiguous tattoo when you’re staring at my very unambiguous junk."

It comes as people were in stitches at another hilarious tattoo fail which was supposed to look like a horse, but everyone says it also looks a lot more like something else.

The tattoo caused lots of laughs in a Facebook group, as people couldn’t believe their eyes.

A post in Facebook dedicated to unfortunate tattoos, drew attention to this particularly naughty tattoo.

The image depicts a tattoo of a horse’s face, blended into some trees – but commenters unanimously agree that it looks an awful lot like male genitalia. 

Most commenters found the accidental dirty tattoo hysterical.

“I would love a horse tattoo. This ain’t it though”, joked one, while another wrote: “Yep, that’s definitely a PP lol.”

“It took so long to know what I was looking at, definitely thought it was a peen”, agreed a third. 

Several people had to ask: “Is that a PEEN on my screen?!?

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